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Safety Standards for Fire Fighters

Chapter 296-305, WAC

Last updated: 2/3/2017

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Table of contents

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WAC Description
296-305-01001 Foreword.
296-305-01003 Scope and application.
296-305-01005 Definitions.
296-305-01007 Variance and procedure.
296-305-01501 Injury and illness reports for firefighters.
296-305-01503 Accident/incident investigation.
296-305-01505 Accident prevention program.
296-305-01507 Fire department health and safety officer.
296-305-01509 Management's responsibility.
296-305-01511 Employee's responsibility.
296-305-01513 Safe place standards.
296-305-01515 First-aid training and certification.
296-305-01517 First-aid kits.
296-305-02001 Personal protective equipment and protective clothing.
296-305-02002 Structural firefighting clothing (SFF).
296-305-02004 Protection ensemble for structural firefighting.
296-305-02012 Body armor.
296-305-02017 Personal alert safety system (PASS) protection.
296-305-02019 Life safety ropes, harnesses, and hardware protection.
296-305-02501 Emergency medical protection.
296-305-03002 Hazardous materials.
296-305-04001 Respiratory equipment protection.
296-305-04501 Automotive fire apparatus design and construction.
296-305-04503 Automotive fire apparatus equipment.
296-305-04505 Automotive apparatus operational rules.
296-305-04507 Fire apparatus maintenance and repair.
296-305-04510 Aerial apparatus.
296-305-05000 Incident management.
296-305-05002 Fire suppression.
296-305-05004 Occupational exposure to heat and cold stress.
296-305-05013 Aircraft rescue and firefighting.
296-305-05101 Technical rescue general requirements.
296-305-05103 Technical rescue training.
296-305-05105 Technical rescue standard operating procedure.
296-305-05107 Technical rescue incident response planning.
296-305-05109 Technical rescue equipment.
296-305-05111 Technical rescue safety.
296-305-05113 Technical rescue operational specialties.
296-305-05502 Training and member development.
296-305-06001 Fire service equipment.
296-305-06003 Testing fire service equipment.
296-305-06006 Ground ladders.
296-305-06008 Electrical.
296-305-06501 Requirements for fire department facilities.
296-305-06503 General requirements.
296-305-06505 Sanitation, disinfection, cleaning, and storage areas.
296-305-06507 Sleeping areas.
296-305-06509 Apparatus areas.
296-305-06511 Indoor air quality.
296-305-06513 Refueling areas.
296-305-06515 Hose drying towers.
296-305-06517 Drill tower training facilities.
296-305-06519 Fire station equipment and tools.
296-305-07001 Wildland fire operations.
296-305-07002 Wildland fire personnel accountability.
296-305-07004 Heat-related illness prevention for wildland firefighters.
296-305-07006 Equipment for wildland firefighting.
296-305-07008 Aircraft operations for fighting wildland fires.
296-305-07010 Training for wildland firefighting.
296-305-07012 Personal protective clothing and equipment for wildland firefighting.
296-305-07014 Apparatus standards for wildland firefighting.
296-305-07016 Falling and equipment in forest lands.
296-305-07018 Occupant restraints and enclosures for wildland firefighting.
296-305-08000 Appendices.


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