Safety Standards for Agriculture

Chapter 296-307, WAC

Last updated: 04/23/2018

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Nota: La traducción al español de esta regla la puede encontrar aquí: Estándares de Seguridad para la Agricultura (Capítulo 296-307 WAC) (3.8 MB PDF), debido a los cambios recientes, se necesita actualizar varias secciones ya que las reglas se tradujeron en el 2005.

Table of contents

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WAC Description
Part A General and Educational Requirements
296-307-003 through 296-307-024
Part B Accident Prevention Program: First-aid Requirements; Safe Place Standard
296-307-030 through 296-307-045
Part C Hand Tools
Part D Ladders, Bulk Storage, Pits, and Trenches
296-307-055 through 296-307-061
Part E Vehicle and Farm Field Equipment
296-307-065 through 296-307-076
Part F Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) for Tractors
296-307-080 through 296-307-090
Part G Field Sanitation
296-307-095 through 296-307-09518
Part G-1 Outdoor Heat Exposure
296-307-097 through 296-307-09760
Part H Personal Protective Equipment
296-307-100 through 296-307-10025
Part I Pesticides (Worker Protection Standard)
296-307-107 through 296-307-13055
Part J Pesticides Recordkeeping
296-307-145 through 296-307-14510
Part J-1 Cholinesterase Monitoring
296-307-148 through 296-307-14845
Cholinesterase Monitoring Helpful Tools
Part K Working Near Overhead Lines
296-307-150 through 296-307-15012
Part L Temporary Worker Housing
296-307-161 through 296-307-16190
Part M Guarding Tools, Farm Shops, Materials Handling
296-307-18005 through 296-307-232
Part N Sanitation for Indoor Workplaces
296-307-240 through 296-307-24036
Part O Walking Working Surfaces:  Fixed Industrial Stairs; Aerial Manlifts
296-307-250 through 296-307-27010
Part P Guarding Power Transmission Machinery
296-307-280 through 296-307-30021
Part Q Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout-Tagout)
296-307-320 through 296-307-32041
Part R Safety Color Coding; Accident Prevention Signs and Tags
296-307-330 through 296-307-33011
Part S Fire Protection; Exit Route
296-307-340 through 296-307-35018
Part T Electrical
296-307-360 through 296-307-38018
Part U-1 Hazardous Materials-Anhydrous Ammonia
296-307-400 through 296-307-40039
Part U-2 Hazardous Materials-Liquefied Petroleum Gas
296-307-410 through 296-307-44025
Part U-3 Other Hazardous Materials
296-307-445 through 296-307-465
Part V Welding
296-307-475 through 296-307-50029
Part W Powered Industrial Trucks
296-307-520 through 296-307-52047
Part X Rim Wheel Servicing
296-307-530 through 296-307-53017
Part Y-1

Note: WAC 296-307 Part Y-1, Employer Chemical Hazard Communication rule has been repealed and moved into Chapter 296-901, WAC, Hazard Communication.

Part Y-2

Note: WAC 296-307 Part Y-2, Material Safety Data Sheets and Label Preparation rule has been repealed and moved into Chapter 296-901, WAC, Hazard Communication.

Part Y-3 Lighting
Part Y-4 Environmental tobacco smoke in the office
296-307-590 through 59005
Part Y-5 Respirators
296-307-594 through 296-307-622
Part Y-6 Respiratory hazards
296-307-624 through 296-307-628
Part Y-7 Hearing loss prevention (Noise)
296-307-630 through 296-307-640
Part Y-8 Confined spaces
296-307-642 through 296-307-656
Part Y-10 Emergency response
296-307-704 through 296-307-70480

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