Safety Standards for Sawmills and Woodworking Operations (Chapter 296-78, WAC)

New Rule Activity Related Policies

Last Updated: 2/17/09

Table of Contents

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WAC Description
Definitions applicable to this chapter.
Education and first-aid standards.
Management's responsibility.
Employee's responsibility.
Accident-prevention programs.
Safety and health committee plan.
Safety bulletin board.
First-aid training and certification.
First-aid supplies.
First-aid station.
Safe place standards.
Log dumps and ponds—Headmills.
Log dumps and ponds.
Log hauls.
Boats and mechanical devices on waters.
Log decks.
Mechanical barkers.
Head rigs and feed works.
Log carriages.
Band saws—Saws.
Circular saws.
Equalizer saws.
Gang saws and re-saws.
Jump saws.
Trimmer and slasher saws.
Swing saws.
Circular saws, speeds, repairs.
Saw filing and grinding rooms and equipment.
Miscellaneous woodworking machines—Planers, stickers, molders, matchers.
Planers (stave and headings).
Stave croziers.
Jointers (stave and heading).
Wood shapers.
Boring and mortising machines.
Tenoning machines.
Lathe (pail and barrel).
Sanding machines.
Glue machines.
Lath mills.
Veneer and plywood plants—Peeling and barking.
Veneer lathe.
Veneer slicer and cutter.
Veneer clipper.
Veneer wringer (swede).
The shake and shingle industry.
Definitions—Terms, general.
Shake and shingle machinery—General.
Shake machinery.
Upright shingle machine.
Related shake and shingle sawing machinery.
Safety rules.
Construction and isolated equipment.
Floor and wall openings.
Floors, docks, platforms and runways.
Footwalks and passageways.
Stairways and ladders.
Egress and exit.
Tanks and chemicals.
Dry kilns.
Exhaust systems.
Spray painting.
Gas piping and appliances.
Mechanical, steam and electrical equipment.
General provisions.
Lock out—Tag out.
Mechanical power transmission apparatus.
Boiler and pressure vessels.
Nonionizing radiation.
Electrical service and equipment.
Elevators, moving walks.
Transportation—Lumber handling equipment—Cranes—Construction.
Electrical equipment.
Chains, wire rope, cables and fiber rope.
Natural and synthetic fiber rope slings.
Synthetic web slings.
Floor operated cranes.
Construction requirements.
Crane platforms and footwalks.
Crane cages.
Crane rail stops, bumpers and fenders.
Crawler locomotive and truck cranes.
Chain and electric hoists.
Monorail hoists.
Air hoists.
Jib, pillar, and portable floor cranes, crabs, and winches.
Standard crane hand signals—Illustrations.
Loading, piling, storage and conveying.
Loading, piling, storage and conveying—General.
Dry kilns.
Chippers and hogs.
Bins and bunkers.


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