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Grain Handling Facilities

Chapter 296-99, WAC

Last Updated: 9/1/17

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Table of Contents

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WAC Description
296-99-005 What definitions apply to this chapter?
296-99-010 What safety hazards does this chapter require the employer to control?
296-99-015 What grain-handling operation does this chapter cover?
296-99-025 What are the requirements for an emergency action plan?
296-99-030 What training must an employer provide for employees?
296-99-035 When must an employer issue a hot work permit?
296-99-040 What practices must an employer follow for entry into grain storage structures?
296-99-045 What information must an employer provide to contractors?
296-99-050 What elements must an employer include in the housekeeping program?
296-99-055 What is the maximum allowable grate opening size?
296-99-060 How must filter collectors be installed?
296-99-065 What preventive maintenance program must an employer implement?
296-99-070 How must grain stream processing equipment be equipped?
296-99-075 How many means of emergency escape must an employer provide?
296-99-080 How must continuous-flow bulk raw grain dryers be equipped and installed?
296-99-085 What special requirements apply to inside bucket elevators?

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