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Employee Rights Under WISHA
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If you, as an employee, complain about or report information about safety or health issues, you have specific rights protected under WISHA. See the table below to find out more.


If: Then:

You believe you're being asked to do something potentially unsafe..

Report it to your employer and ask them to correct it, ask for other work, remain on the job until ordered to leave by the employer, or inform the employer that you will refuse to work if the hazard is not corrected.

You file a safety or health complaint for violations of Washington Administrative Code (WAC)..

L&I will review your complaint to see if it warrants investigation.

You quit or leave the worksite because your employer asks you to do something potentially unsafe on the job..

WISHA may not be able to protect your rights or investigate your complaint. However, you are not required to do potentially unsafe work.

You give a witness statement to a compliance inspector during an accident investigation or safety and health inspection..

You may ask to have your identity withheld at the time you give your statement. The compliance inspector should have you date, sign, and check the applicable blocks on a witness statement form.

Your employer retaliates against you for filing a complaint or giving a compliance inspector a statement about an accident or safety and health inspection..

You have 30 days to file a discrimination complaint against your employer. To file a complaint contact your local Labor & Industries office and ask for the Wisha Discrimination Section.




Other protections exist for employees under Title 51.


You can either call 1-800 4BESAFE or visit the WISHA website for more information.

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