Emergency Response

Chapter 296-824, WAC

Effective Date: 10/01/02

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Post-Emergency Response

WAC 296-824-700 

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Your responsibility:

To protect employees during post-emergency response activities by following appropriate work practices, training, and other requirements

You must

Follow the appropriate post-emergency response requirements



WAC 296-824-70005

Follow the Appropriate Post-Emergency Response Requirements


  • Post-emergency response is the stage of the emergency response where the immediate threat from the release has been stabilized or eliminated, and cleanup of the site has started.
  • When clean-up is done by the employees who were part of the initial emergency response, the employees aren't covered by this section (however, training, PPE and other requirements in WAC 296-824-20005 through 296-824-60015 apply to these employees).

You must

(1) Follow Table 10 to determine which requirements apply to your post-emergency response activities.

(2) Maintain clean-up equipment as specified in Table 10.

Table 10
Rules that Apply to Post-emergency Response Activities

When post-emergency response clean-up is performed by employees who weren't part of the initial emergency response and...

The following rules or requirements apply...

It is necessary to remove hazardous substances, health hazards, and contaminated materials (example: soil) from the site

Chapter 296-843 WAC, Hazardous waste operations

Clean-up is done on plant property using plant or workplace employees


It is not necessary to remove hazardous substances, health hazards, and contaminated materials from the site

For training:

For equipment:

  • Make sure that all equipment used for clean-up work is serviced and inspected before use

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