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Late Night Retail Workers Crime Prevention

Chapter 296-832, WAC

Effective Date: 10/01/02



Store Safety

WAC 296-832-300

WAC 296-800-120 in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formatFor printing


Your Responsibility: 
To take certain safety measures to discourage crime in your store

You must:

Have a safe in your store

Post a notice about your store’s safe and cash register WAC 296-832-30010

Provide outside lighting



WAC 296-832-30005

Have a safe in your store

You must:

  • Have a drop-safe, limited access safe, or comparable device in your store.


WAC 296-832-30010

Post a notice about your store’s safe and cash register

You must:

  • Post a notice in an obvious place on a window or door stating:

- There is a safe in the store

- Employees have no access to the safe

- The cash register contains only enough cash to do business



  • You will not be cited by WISHA for having money in the cash register over the minimal amount needed to do business.
  • All displays and other materials posted in the window(s) or door(s) should be arranged to provide an unobstructed view of the cash register if it could be visible from the street.


WAC 296-832-30015

Provide outside lighting

You must:

Light the store’s approach area and parking lot during all night hours your business is open.



You can do this by:

  • Providing surveillance lighting to observe pedestrian and vehicle entrances.
  • Providing lighting of a minimum of one foot candle to comply with ANSI/IES RP7-1983. Lighting levels can be measured with a light meter; for comparison purposes 1 foot-candle=1 lumen incident per square foot=10.76 lux.

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