Motor Vehicles

Chapter 296-865, WAC

Effective Date: 10/01/05

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WAC 296-865-200

All Motor Vehicles

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Your Responsibility:

To make sure all motor vehicle occupants are safe and equipment is safe to use

You must

Motor vehicle operation

Transportation of passengers

Motor vehicle equipment


WAC 296-865-20005 
Motor vehicle operation

You must

  • Allow only drivers who are qualified to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Allow only drivers who have a current motor vehicle operator's license to operate motor vehicles on public roadways.
  • Make sure employees follow any site-specific rules and posted speed limits when operating motor vehicles on roadways privately owned and maintained.

WAC 296-865-20010 

Transportation of passengers  

You must

  • Transport all passengers safely.
  • Make sure all employees use seat belts, if the vehicle is equipped with seat belts.


  • This doesn't apply to emergency medical workers during the treatment of a patient in an ambulance.

You must:

  • Make sure vehicles used to transport employees are, at all times:
    • - Well equipped
    • - Covered against the weather
    • - Maintained in good mechanical condition.
  • Make sure when transporting sharp tools that could present a hazard to employees in the vehicle, that you provide compartments or (cargo) screens strong enough to retain the tools.

WAC 296-865-20015 
Motor vehicle equipment  

You must

  • Make sure all equipment operated on public roadways meets all of the state of Washington motor vehicle laws.
  • Make sure all parts and accessories are safe to use.
  • Make sure all motor vehicle equipment meets the specification or requirements in Table 1.
Table 1
Motor Vehicle Equipment
If you have this type of equipment Then make sure the equipment is

Properly secured


Available for every employee in the vehicle.


Safe to use.

Helpful Tool:
Determining Tire Safety

This helpful tool can help you determine if your tires are worn beyond the point of safety. You can find a copy of this helpful tool in the Resources Section of this chapter.

Exhaust systems

Designed to eliminate the exposure of exhaust gases and fumes


Installed and maintained in proper condition.

Fire extinguishers

Provided when the vehicle is:

- At least 26,000 pounds (manufacturer's gross weight)


- Only used in the state of Washington

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