Railroad Clearances and Walkways in Private Rail Yards and Plants

Chapter 296-860, WAC

Effective Date: 10/01/02



WAC 296-860-100

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Other rules that may apply to your workplace

The WISHA Safety & Health Core Rules book, chapter 296-800 WAC, contains the basic requirements that apply to employers in Washington. It also contains:

  • An introduction that lists important information you should know, including a section on building, fire and electrical codes
  • A resource section that includes a complete list of all WISHA rules

Other WISHA rules may apply to you, depending upon the activities and operations of your workplace. Contact your local L&I office if you are uncertain about which WISHA requirements pertain to you.

To access the Safety & Health Core Rules book online: http://www.lni.wa.gov/wisha/rules/corerules/default.htm

  • For a CD or paper copy contact us:

    Labor & Industries
    P.O. Box 44620
    Olympia, WA 98504-4620
    Telephone: 1-800-4BE-SAFE (1-800-423-7233)

WAC 296-860-100 Scope.


This chapter applies to all railroad clearances and walkways in rail yards and plants including logging railroad yards such as mill yards, maintenance yards and sorting yards.

If you are uncertain about which WISHA requirements to follow, you must comply with those that best protect employees' safety and health. Contact your local L&I office if you need assistance in making this decision.



  • These exemptions apply to chapter 296-860 WAC, Railroad clearances and walkways in private rail yards and plants, and don't require a department variance:
    • - You may move the following equipment, using less than the minimum standard clearances, if the situation is unavoidable and you have taken all reasonable steps to protect your employees:
      • Track construction or maintenance materials
      • Special work equipment used for railroad construction, maintenance or operations
      • Any railroad equipment during emergencies.
    • - You may have overhead or side clearances less than the minimum standard clearances required in this chapter if they were legally created before April 3, 1961.



If a building, structure, or facility constructed before April 3, 1961, is relocated or reconstructed, the clearance requirements in this chapter apply unless the department grants a variance.


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