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296-304-010 Scope and application.
296-304-01001 Definitions. 
296-304-01003 Reference specifications, standards, and codes. 
296-304-01005 Fire protection in shipyards.
296-304-01007 Fire safety plan
296-304-01009 Precautions for hot work.
296-304-01011 Fire watches.
296-304-01013 Fire response.
296-304-01015 Hazards of fixed extinguishing systems on board vessels and vessel sections.
296-304-01017 Land-side fire protection systems.
296-304-01019 Training.
296-304-01021 Competent person.
296-304-01023 Appendix A-Model fire safety plan.
296-304-020 Confined and enclosed spaces and other dangerous atmospheres in shipyard employment.
296-304-02001 Reserved.
296-304-02003 Precautions and the order of testing before entering confined and enclosed spaces and other dangerous atmospheres.
296-304-02005 Cleaning and other cold work.
296-304-02007 Hot work.
296-304-02009 Maintenance of safe conditions.
296-304-02011 Warning signs and labels. 
296-304-02013 Appendix A--Compliance assistance guidelines for confined and enclosed spaces and other dangerous atmospheres. 
296-304-02015 Appendix B--Confined and enclosed spaces and other dangerous atmospheres in shipyard employment.
296-304-030 Surface preparation and preservation--Scope and application.
296-304-03001 Toxic cleaning solvents.
296-304-03003 Chemical paint and preservative removers. 
296-304-03005 Mechanical paint removers. 
296-304-03007 Painting. 
296-304-03009 Flammable liquids. 
296-304-040 Welding, cutting, and heating--Scope and application. 
296-304-04001 Ventilation and protection in welding, cutting and heating.
296-304-04005 Welding, cutting and heating in way of preservative coatings. 
296-304-04007 Welding, cutting and heating of hollow metal containers and structures not covered by WAC 296-304-02003. 
296-304-04009 Gas welding and cutting. 
296-304-04011 Arc welding and cutting. 
296-304-04013 Use of fissionable material in shipbreaking, shipbuilding and ship repairing. 
296-304-050 Scaffolds, ladders and other working surfaces--Scope and application.
296-304-05001 Scaffolds or staging. 
296-304-05003 Ladders. 
296-304-05005 Guarding of deck openings and edges. 
296-304-05007 Access to vessels.
296-304-05009 Access to and guarding of dry docks and marine railways. 
296-304-05011 Access to cargo spaces and confined spaces. 
296-304-05013 Working surfaces. 
296-304-060 General working conditions--Scope and application. 
296-304-06001 Housekeeping.
296-304-06002 Sanitation.
296-304-06003 Illumination.
296-304-06005 Utilities.
296-304-06007 Work in confined or isolated spaces. 
296-304-06009 Work on or in the vicinity of radar and radio. 
296-304-06011 Work in or on lifeboats.
296-304-06013 Hazardous materials.
296-304-06015 First aid.
296-304-06016 Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tags-plus).
296-304-06017 Retention of DOT markings, placards, and labels.
296-304-06018 Motor vehicle safety equipment, operation, and maintenance.
296-304-070 Gear and equipment for rigging and materials handling-Scope and application.
296-304-07001 Inspection. 
296-304-07003 Ropes, chains and slings.
296-304-07005 Shackles and hooks.
296-304-07007 Chain falls and pull-lifts.
296-304-07009 Hoisting and hauling equipment.
296-304-07011 Use of gear. 
296-304-07013 Qualification of operators.
296-304-080 Tools and related equipment--Scope and application.
296-304-08001 General precautions.
296-304-08003 Portable electric tools.
296-304-08005 Hand tools. 
296-304-08007 Abrasive wheels. 
296-304-08009 Power-actuated fastening tools.
296-304-08011 Internal combustion engines, other that ship's equipment. 
296-304-090 Personal protective equipment (PPE)--General requirements. 
296-304-09001 Hazard assessment and equipment selection.
296-304-09003 Training. 
296-304-09005 Eye and face protection. 
296-304-09007 Respiratory protection.
296-304-09009 Hearing protection.
296-304-09011 Head protection.
296-304-09013 Foot protection.
296-304-09015 Hand and body protection.
296-304-09017 Livesaving equipment.
296-304-09019 Fall protection--General requirement.
296-304-09021 Personal fall arrest system (PFAS).
296-304-09023 Positioning device systems. 
296-304-100 Ship's machinery and piping systems--Scope and application.
296-304-10001 Ship's boilers. 
296-304-10003 Ship's piping system. 
296-304-10005 Ship's propulsion system. 
296-304-10007 Ship's deck machinery. 
296-304-110 Portable, unfired pressure vessels, drums and containers, other than ship's equipment--Scope and application. 
296-304-11001 Portable air receivers and other unfired pressure vessels.
296-304-11003 Drums and containers.
296-304-120 Electrical machinery--Electrical circuits and distribution boards.
296-304-130 Gear certification--General provisions. 
296-304-13001 Purpose and scope. 
296-304-13003 Definition of terms.
296-304-140 Procedure governing accreditation--Scope and application. 
296-304-14001 Application for accreditation. 
296-304-14003 Action upon accreditation. 
296-304-14005 Duration and renewal of accreditation. 
296-304-14007 Criteria governing accreditation to certificate vessels' cargo gear. 
296-304-14009 Voluntary amendment or termination of accreditation. 
296-304-14011 Suspension or revocation of accreditation. 
296-304-14013 Reconsideration and review. 
296-304-150 Duties of person accredited to certificate vessels' cargo gear--Scope and application.
296-304-15001 General duties--Exemptions. 
296-304-15003 Recordkeeping and related procedures concerning records in custody of accredited persons. 
296-304-15005 Recordkeeping and related procedures concerning records in custody of the vessel. 
296-304-160 Certification of vessels' cargo gear-Scope and application. 
296-304-16001 General.
296-304-16003 Initial tests of cargo gear and tests after alterations, renewals or repairs. 
296-304-16005 Periodic tests, examinations and inspections. 
296-304-16007 Heat treatment. 
296-304-16009 Exemptions from heat treatment. 
296-304-16011 Grace periods. 
296-304-16013 Gear requiring welding.
296-304-16015 Damaged components.
296-304-16017 Marking and posting of safe working loads.
296-304-16019 Requirements governing braking devices and power sources. 
296-304-16021 Means of derrick attachment.
296-304-16023 Limitations on use of wire rope.
296-304-16025 Limitations on use of chains.
296-304-170 Certification of vessels--Tests and proof loads--Heat treatment--Competent person--Scope and application. 
296-304-17001 Visual inspection before tests. 
296-304-17003 Unit proof tests--Winches, derricks, and gear accessory thereto. 
296-304-17005 Unit proof tests--Cranes and gear accessory thereto.
296-304-17007 Limitation on safe working loads and proof loads.
296-304-17009 Examinations subsequent to unit tests.
296-304-17011 Proof tests--Loose gear. 
296-304-17013 Specially designed blocks and components. 
296-304-17015 Proof tests--Wire rope. 
296-304-17017 Proof tests after repairs or alterations. 
296-304-17019 Order of tests. 
296-304-17021 Heat treatment. 
296-304-17023 Competent persons. 
296-304-180 Accreditation to certificate shore-based equipment--Scope and application.
296-304-18001 Eligibility for accreditation to certificate shore-based material handling devices covered by chapter 296-56 WAC of the safety and health regulations for longshoring. 
296-304-18003 Provisions respecting application for accreditation, action upon the application, and related matters. 
296-304-190 Duties of persons accredited to certificate shore-based material handling devices--General duties, exemptions.
296-304-200 Certification of shore-based material handling devices--Scope and application. 
296-304-20001 General provisions. 
296-304-20003 Unit proof test and examination of cranes.
296-304-20005 Annual examination of cranes.
296-304-20007 Unit proof test and examination of derricks.
296-304-20009 Annual examinations of derricks.
296-304-20011 Determination of crane or derrick safe working loads and limitations in absence of manufacturer's data.
296-304-20013 Safe working load reduction.
296-304-20015 Safe working load increase.
296-304-20017 Nondestructive examination.
296-304-20019 Wire rope.
296-304-20021 Heat treatment.
296-304-20023 Examination of bulk cargo loading or discharging spouts or suckers.
296-304-20025 Documentation.

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