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Revised Job Analysis (JA) Summary.

August 8, 2014.

There is a revised Coversheet for JAs based on input from VTSG and an L&I workgroup. The changes include additional fields to capture data as well as some cosmetic changes. The coversheet s intended as a front page for all JAs that are submitted for provider review, whether you use the JA form on our website or your own version.

VRCs are urged to use the coversheet when submitting JAs to all healthcare providers, including IMEs and PCEs. With your help, this effort will support Agency Goal #2: Helping injured workers heal and return to work.

Resume billing.

July 18, 2014.

L&I discovered a system error in the processing of bills for the new resume service. The problem has been fixed. Bills received through July 16 and denied will be processed for payment. There is no need to re-bill.

Please use the updated accountability forms effective July 1, 2014.

July 18, 2014.

The following plan accountability forms are updated effective July 1, 2014, and are to be used on all plans submitted between July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015:

Updates to My Secure L&I.

June 30, 2014.

We are updating our My Secure L&I website that is used to sign up for and access our secure online services.

Updates coming soon include:

  • A more streamlined sign-up process to get access to your services and information.
  • An updated and reorganized "dashboard" that you land on when you log in, including a list of key tasks.
  • A streamlined process for managing access to your organization or to request access from your administrator.
  • An optimized website that you can use it on small screen devices such as a tablet or smart phone.
  • Improved overall system performance so you should experience much faster response times.

Find our more on our website at Enhancements to My Secure L&I.

New AWA progress report fields capture key dates.

June 9, 2014.

We’ve been asking VRCs to put key dates in their AWA progress reports since last year. This data is used by claim staff to help identify problems or barriers to completing the referral. To make it easier for VRCs to report, and for claim managers to locate the information, we’ve added new fields in the AWA progress report: 

  • Date of the worker’s intake appointment with the VRC.
  • Date the VRC sent the JA to the healthcare provider.
  • Date the provider reviewed the JA.

VRCs should include the dates in the next regularly scheduled report as soon as they are known. Please continue to enter the dates in each subsequent progress report.


Our WorkSource partnership is working!

May 30, 2014.

The Labor and Industries/Employment Security Department (L&I/ESD) partnership is designed to help injured workers return to work. There have been a number of successes.  We wanted to remind VRCs to refer for these services.
We are currently providing two levels of worker engagement, including telephonic assistance and face-to-face services.

  • Jean Edwards and Beth Rokstad are providing telephonic assistance to workers around the state.
  • Walter Hughes is providing face to face services to workers from WorkSource Everett.

Worker participation in the pilot is voluntary. Telephone assistance includes registering workers for WorkSource resources, targeting resumes, and directing them to helpful work-readiness websites. If direct services are needed, such as a class or referral to another partner, Beth and Jean refer the worker to the local WorkSource office. Walter is on-site at WorkSource Everett and is available to help workers return to work in that geographical area.
We invite you to refer a worker to one of our re-employment specialists if the worker:

  • Expresses a desire to return to work, but the employer is not offering a job, or
  • Is within 60 days of being found able to work or completing a vocational plan

For more information about our WorkSource partnership services or to refer a worker, contact:

  • Everett, Walter Hughes - 425-258-6341
  • Spokane, Jean Edwards - 360-725-8128
  • Tacoma, Beth Rokstad - 360-725-7950

Resume services.

May 5, 2014.

Effective immediately, Labor and Industries may reimburse vocational providers for providing resume assistance on their open vocational referrals. We believe that this will contribute to the agency goal of helping injured workers heal and return-to-work. Prior authorization is required. Please see the policy statement regarding payment codes and service parameters.

Come and work for L&I!

May 1, 2014.

We have two job openings for Vocational Services Specialists in the Vocational Dispute Resolution office which supports the Director.

Cell phones.

May 1, 2014.

Labor and Industries has recently decided to allow individual VRCs the alternative of listing their cell phone numbers on the ORION vocational referral screen. We expect that this change will increase effective communication between VRCs and claim staff and contribute to two of our agency goals, helping injured workers heal and return to work and making it easy to do business with L&I. All phone numbers for firm branch locations will remain the same. We developed a new form, VRC Primary Contact Form for the specific purpose of updating VRC phone numbers. We recently sent the form to all firm managers. If you have any questions, please contact Rheo Aieta at 360-902-5447.

New Job Analysis (JA) Summary.

March 6, 2014.

There is a new Coversheet for JAs. Vocational and claims staff on the AWA Duration team worked together to design the new coversheet. The team tested the use of a summary sheet with 174 job analyses and found the median time to get a JA back from the medical provider was only 7 days!

The new form was shared with the Vocational Technical Stakeholders Group (VTSG) who provided input. Physicians were also asked to provide input. They liked that the physical demands on the JA Summary mirrored the familiar APF. The physicians were also excited that the coversheet allowed them to see the physical demands of a job at a glance.

Note that when using the summary, the physicianís signature is now on the front page of the JA. The summary is intended as a front page for all JAs that are submitted for provider review, whether you use the JA form on our website, or your own version.

Given the outstanding results of the initial test and positive endorsements by several stakeholder groups, VRCs are urged to use the coversheet when submitting JAs to all medical providers, including IMEs and PCEs. With your help, this effort will support Agency Goal #2: Helping injured workers heal and return to work.

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