Protesting an L&I Decision

Instructions for protesting an L&I decision.

The injured worker, the employer and the health-care provider all have the right to protest L&I decisions. Instructions are the same for all. You can protest a decision in two ways:

  1. Online at the secure Claim & Account Center — Login or signup.Secure online service
  2. By writing a letter.

Protest instructions:

  1. Find the name and the address of your claim manager on your L&I correspondence.
  2. Write a letter to the claim manager stating that you are protesting a decision.
  3. Include in the letter:
    • The nature or type of L&I decision.
    • The reason why you are protesting.
    • If L&I has closed your claim and you have decided to protest, also include this information from your doctor or health-care provider:
      • An outline of your current medical condition.
      • A description of your treatment program and current prognosis.
  4. Write your name and L&I claim number on all pages of the letter.
  5. Send your letter of protest to:
    Claims Section
    The Department of Labor & Industries
    P.O. Box 44291
    Olympia, WA 98504-2401

If the request is not received within 60 days of the date you received the order you are protesting, the decision becomes final (RCW 51.52.060 (

The actual received date and time of claims-related documents transmitted electronically (faxed) are recorded on documents received during non-business hours so L&I can verify whether a document was received within the legal time limit.

If we receive it in time, L&I will issue another decision that modifies, reverses or reaffirms the original decision. If you disagree with the decision, you may appeal to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA) (

Attention: Are you a provider who has a payment disputes with L&I?

Providers have:

  • 60 days to file a protest with L&I or to file an appeal with the BIIA ( about a payment decision or other type of action communicated to the provider by a Remittance Advice or Department Order and Notice.
  • 20 days to file a protest with L&I or to file an appeal with the BIIA ( about an adjustment to a previous payment that reduces the amount paid or is a demand.
Attention: Are you protesting a decision about vocational benefits or plans?
  • You must write to L&I within 15 days after receiving the written notice of the decision with which you disagree.

    See the Vocational Dispute Resolution page for details about protesting vocational benefits or plans.

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