Getting Medical Treatment

Get first aid.

Many falls, cuts, and sprains can become serious injuries if they aren't treated right away. If it's a minor injury, get first aid at your workplace.

Did you know?

In Washington, all employers are required to have a first-aid kit at the workplace.

See a doctor if needed.

If you are injured at work and need treatment, go to the emergency room or health‑care provider of your choice and tell them you were injured at work. They will assist you in filing the workers' compensation claim.

Starting January 2013, if you need medical care after that first visit, you will need to see a provider in our network. If your regular doctor is not in our network, encourage them to join, or find one that is in our network.

Questions workers have

How do I file a workers' compensation claim?
  • Your health care provider will assist you in completing a Report of Accident at your first medical visit. You can also file an accident report online at or by phone at 1-877-561-FILE (3453).
  • If you work for a self insured employer, your employer will provide you with a Self Insurer Accident Report (SIF 2) and assist you in completing the form. Your health care provider submits the Provider's Initial Report (PIR) to the self-insured employer.
How can I find a health‑care provider near me?

Search online for a doctor or other health-care provider near you. When you find a provider, contact them to make sure they are accepting new patients.

What if my employer is self‑insured?

If your employer is self‑insured, file your claim directly with your employer. They will give you a Self‑Insurer Accident Report (SIF‑2). Fill out the form completely and return it to your employer or their representative. The doctor will complete a Physician's Initial Report (PIR) (F207‑028‑000) and mail it to your self‑insured employer's claim representative.

If you need further care, you must see a provider in the L&I network starting January 2013.

May I choose my doctor or seek a second opinion?

Yes. You may choose any doctor who is qualified to treat your injury, as long as they are in our network. They include: medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic and podiatric, physicians, dentists, optometrists, physician assistants and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners. You also may get a second medical opinion if your claim manager approves it.

What if I don't think the injury is my employer's fault?

Washington is a no-fault state, so L&I will cover an allowable claim for a workplace injury regardless of who is at fault. This rule also applies to self‑insured employers.

What if I live or move out of Washington state?

Washington workers' compensation benefits do not change if you live outside Washington State. The right to receive treatment, time loss, vocational rehabilitation, permanent disability and other benefits remains intact. However, your responsibilities also continue. If you do not cooperate with these responsibilities your benefits may stop. You must:

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