Independent Medical Exams

Cooperate with any requests for an independent medical exam


Sometimes, a claim manager will authorize an independent medical exam for an injured worker. This means another doctor will be evaluating your medical condition.

Questions workers have

What is the purpose of Independent Medical Examinations?

These exams (called "IMEs") are performed when:

  • L&I needs to know the extent of any impairment you may have.
  • L&I has a question about your treatment, or its duration.
  • You are asking to have your claim allowed, reopened or closed.
  • You want a reconsideration of an L&I decision or are appealing — and we need more information.
  • Your doctor, employer or claim manager has asked for an evaluation of your condition.
Who conducts Independent Medical Examinations?

Doctors or panels of doctors who regularly give impartial medical opinions about a worker's condition or medical treatment. A claim manager will request it for you, if needed.

Who pays for Independent Medical Examinations?

L&I pays for the cost of the exam, as well as any expenses you may have traveling to the exam or missing work.

How can I make comments about my IME?

An IME Comments Form (F245‑053‑000) is available online or you may call 1‑888‑784‑8059 to request a comment form. You can specify your preferred language.

What if I live or move out of state?
  • You may have to return to Washington for an independent medical examination. If needed, L&I or your self-insured employer will pay for your transportation, lodging, meals, and wage replacement for lost wages to attend the exam.

Did you know?

If you do not attend your scheduled Independent Medical Exam, you may be charged a no-show fee. Also, you may jeopardize any benefits you are receiving.

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