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Finding a provider and your rights

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  • Expand/collapse What is a primary care or attending provider in workers’ compensation?

    A primary care or attending provider is one who treats an injured worker and:

    • Manages their treatment.
    • Reports progress to the L&I claim manager.
    • Helps the worker return to work as soon as safely possible.

    In workers’ comp, we generally use the term attending provider.

  • Expand/collapse Which providers are included in the primary care provider search?

    This search contains attending providers who, in the past have treated new workplace injuries.

  • Expand/collapse Who can be an attending provider for a worker’s work-related injury or illness?

    The following types of providers can be an injured worker’s attending provider:

    • Medicine and surgery (MD).
    • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP).
    • Physician’s Assistant (PA).
    • Chiropractic (DC).
    • Naturopathy (ND).
    • Osteopathic medicine (DO).
    • Dentistry (DDS or DMD).
    • Optometry (OD).
    • Podiatry (DPM).

    They also must be:

    • Licensed in the state where they practice.
    • Qualified to treat the industrial injury or occupational disease.
    • In our Medical Provider Network if they practice in Washington State. All of the primary care providers listed in the Find a Doctor directory are in our network and can be attending providers.
  • Expand/collapse What providers are included in the all provider search?

    This search contains all providers who have applied and been accepted by L&I to treat injured workers.

  • Expand/collapse What is included in the health care facilities search?

    The search includes:

    • Ambulatory surgery centers.
    • Clinics.
    • Diagnostic testing facilities.
    • Drug & alcohol treatment centers.
    • Hospitals.
    • Medical equipment.
    • Nursing homes/residential care.
    • Certified pain programs.
    • Pharmacies.
    • Labs.
    • Psychiatric hospitals.
    • Radiology centers.
  • Expand/collapse Can an injured worker see any provider?

    An injured worker may see any attending provider for the initial visit. For any follow-up care, a worker may request any provider (as defined above) who is in L&I's network.

    You should always have an attending provider to coordinate your care and report your progress to L&I.

  • Expand/collapse Do L&I providers have to treat injured workers?

    L&I staff hope that providers will treat all injured workers; however, they are not under any obligation to do so. Providers with busy practices may not be able to take on the responsibility of additional patients

  • Expand/collapse Will L&I reimburse an injured worker for travel costs associated with seeing a provider?

    Yes, if you must travel more than 15 miles one-way from your home to the nearest point of adequate treatment AND you get pre-approval from your claims manager. We will NOT reimburse for travel expense when adequate treatment is available within 15 miles of an injured workers home. For more information, see Travel Reimbursement.

    You can use to get an estimate of how far away a provider is from your home.

    How we estimate the distance in Find-a-Doc
    If you search for providers... Then we'll show you an estimate of...
    within 15 miles the distance to each provider as you would drive.
    further than 15 miles away the distance to each provider “as the crow flies”.
  • Expand/collapse Can an injured worker switch providers?

    Yes, an injured worker may request a transfer to a new attending provider to coordinate care on their claim. The transfer will need to be approved by a claims manager.

    To request a transfer to a different attending provider:

    1. Use the Find a Doctor directory to find a new attending provider. We encourage you to choose a conveniently located provider.
    2. Call the new provider’s office to confirm that they are currently accepting new patients and are able to make an appointment with you.
    3. Submit your request online at Transfer of Care or by completing and mailing a Transfer of Care card.
  • Expand/collapse After using our provider directory, are you still struggling to find a doctor?
    Need help finding a doctor?
    If your claim is... Then you should...
    Managed by a self-insured employer (claim number starts with S,T, or W) Call 1-360-902-6901.
    Managed by L&I

    Call 1‑800‑LISTENS (1‑800‑547‑8367) .

    or email and include:

    • Your zip code, city or state.
    • The type of provider you need. For example, medical, orthopedic, chiropractic, and so on.

    Do not include your claim number.

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