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Crime victims must first use any insurance they have before the CVCP pays for benefits. Examples of insurance include:

  • Your own medical insurance,
  • Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans.
  • Medical coverage through auto insurance as a result of an auto accident.

A fee schedule is used to determine the amount that will be paid to a health care provider, when CVCP pays for benefits.
If you or your attorney file an injury claim against an insurance carrier, or file a lawsuit and recover a settlement from the claim or lawsuit, you must notify CVCP of the settlement. CVCP has a right to reimbursement for expenses paid on your claim.
The law determines how the settlement is distributed between the attorney, crime victim, and CVCP. For example:

  • The attorney is paid reasonable fee and costs from the settlement. CVCP is required to contribute proportionately toward these costs.
  • The crime victim is then paid 25% of the remaining balance.
  • CVCP is reimbursed for expenses paid on the claim, minus the amount of its share toward attorney fees and costs.
  • If there is any remaining balane after CVCP is paid the remaining balance is paid to the victim. This remaining balance is then used to reduce or “offset” further benefits that the victim may be eligible to under the claim.
The money CVC receives for reimbursements is used to help pay benefits for other crime victims.


Recovery distribution calculators

Settlement Recovery Calculator.

Life-Insurance Recovery Calculator.

Additional information

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  • Expand/collapse What is a first-party action?

    Any settlement from insurance that you pay for: for example, your own auto insurance (uninsured motorist), life insurance or homeowners insurance.

  • Expand/collapse What is third party?

    Someone who may have caused or contributed to your injury. Examples include:

    • The driver of the car that hit you.
    • The person who sexually assaulted you.
    • The person who hit you with their fists.
    • The tavern that over-served the drunk driver who struck you.
  • Expand/collapse How does a recovery action affect my CVCP claim?

    In the case of a settlement, the victim receives 25% of the net recovery. CVCP is then reimbursed for benefits paid, less proportionate share of attorney fees and costs. Any remaining balance is then paid to the victim. The remaining balance is then subject to an offset against future benefit entitlement under the claim.

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