Temporary Staffing

These companies provide employers with qualified workers to fill short- and long-term, temporary positions. This industry has its own set of rates and recordkeeping requirements.

Estimate the Cost of Covering your Client's Workers

If you do know your client's risk class(es):

  1. Review Washington's Temporary Staffing Risk Classes.
  2. Select the risk class that best matches your client's job description(s).
  3. Find the correct base rate above the description.

If you do not know your client's risk class(es):

  1. Go to L&I's Verify application and click on Verify a Contractor, Tradesperson or Business.
  2. Search for your clients account by name or Unified Business Identifier (UBI)#, then select your client from the list.
  3. Select Workers' comp rates near the bottom of the page.
  4. Make a note of your clients risk class number and description.
  5. Go to the Risk Class Lookup tool.
  6. Enter your client's risk class number and click "Search."
  7. Select the highlighted risk class (there may be more than one) to see the temporary staffing risk class rate at the bottom of the description.

Create and Keep Required Records

Know what files to keep and for how long. This is required by law, and can become invaluable if there's a question about your records, or if you're audited.

Control your Premium Rates

Learn how you can help your temporary workers stay safe and control temporary staffing premium rates. By preventing injuries, you can reduce your insurance costs.

Report and Pay Premiums each Quarter

Liability alert: If you cannot pay the premiums, your client's company could be held liable for them.

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