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Do you need to be in the Medical Provider Network?

If you practice in Washington State, and are one of the following provider types, you must be in our network to care for injured workers beyond the initial office or emergency-room visit. This includes treatment for workers of businesses covered by L&I as well as those employed by self-insured employers.

  • Physician (MD & DO)
  • Chiropractor
  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Podiatric Physicians & Surgeon
  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist


Note: If you are not one of the above specialty types, to apply, please complete the Provider Account Application.

Here's how to apply to be a Network Provider.

You have two options.

    Option 1: Apply on paper

    Option 2: Apply online with ProviderSource


Is your application complete?

  • To ensure timely processing, use the Network Credentialing Checklist to identify missing information. 
  • Missing information delays account set up and payment of services to you.

How L&I sets up accounts and what you need to know.

If a provider group has multiple locations, it is important to know how a providers’ account is set up and how multiple accounts under the same tax id and organization NPI can delay payment.  Accounts are generally set up based on two scenarios.

Scenario 1
  • A group has multiple locations under the same tax id and same organization NPI. In this scenario, L&I only sets up one group payee account for that tax ID and organization NPI, regardless of how many locations may be associated with the group. When a provider submits their application, one account is set up under the group payee account, even if they practice at multiple locations for that group. This prevents bills from suspending in our system, which leads to delays in payment of services.
Scenario 2
  • A group has multiple locations under the same tax id with separate organization NPI's for each location. In this scenario, L&I will set up a group payee account for each location with a separate organization NPI. When a provider applies, attaching page 2, section 3 of their Washington Practitioners Application for each location, L&I will set up an individual provider account for each location that has a separate organization NPI.

If a group with multiple locations under the same tax id and organization NPI would like their providers set up for each practice location, they must submit an Add Group Packet for each network provider and location.

If you do not have an organization NPI for each location and you request to add each group, please be aware, this will result in delayed processing if you bill using a provider individual NPI number and not their L&I provider account number for each practice location.  

To prevent these delays you must put the individual provider account number in box 24J of the CMS 1500 billing form for each practice location or the group ID payee number in box 33B to indicate which practice location the services were render.

What to expect from L&I.

To process complete applications, allow 120 days. If additional information is needed to process your application, we will contact you.

You will receive a letter in the mail once your application is processed.

What is the status of my application or network status?

Having a provider account number or reactivating a closed account does not mean you are in our network. If you do not see that you are a Network provider and want to treat an injured worker for ongoing care, you must apply.

To check application or network status, visit: Search by L&I provider number or NPI to check your application or network status.

What happens if I don’t join?

If you treat an injured worker for ongoing care, beyond the initial visit to file the Report of Accident form, you must be an approved network provider to be paid for services. Please refer the injured worker to a network provider. Find a network provider for your patients that need ongoing care.


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