Appeal to Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA)

Appeal to the Board

Providers who disagree with L&I decisions on claims or payments may appeal to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals for the State of Washington.

File on time

From the date of the remittance advice, you must file your appeal wtihin the following time limits or L&I's decision becomes final:

  • 60 days to appeal a claim decision or a payment decision.
  • 20 days to appeal an adjustment that reduces the amount paid or a demand for repayment.

What your appeal should include

    • Name and address of your patient and the name and address of the employer.
    • Claim number and your patient's name on every page.
    • Description of the injury, disease, or disagreement over payment, including the date it occurred.
    • Date of L&I's decision.
    • Reasons why you disagree with the decision.
    • Relief you are requesting.
    • City in which you would like proceedings to be held.

You can appeal online, by mail or in person

The Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
2430 Chandler Court SW
PO Box 42401
Olympia WA 98504-2401

Phone: 360-753-6823

How to appeal directly to the board

You may appeal directly to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals without first protesting to L&I. After receiving your appeal, the board will notify L&I so that we have an opportunity to reconsider our original decision. If we decide not to reconsider our decision, the board will schedule a hearing for your appeal.

The Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals provides more information on the appeal process.

For more information:

See the BIIA filing web site.

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