Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • Health care organizations can now share data from the Activity Prescription Form (APF) with L&I through the statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) (
  • Exchanging data instead of faxing or mailing improves the quality of information and speeds up L&I's ability to respond.

Which providers can share data with L&I?


Any health care organization can include L&I forms in their electronic medical record (EMR) system and then extract that information so it can be sent to L&I.

How can we start sharing data with L&I?

Step 1: Contact OneHealthPort ( to understand the services they provide. 

You'll have to register for OneHealthPort ( to send and receive health care information securely.

Step 2: Figure out how you want to include the L&I data in your EMR.

Step 3: Go to the HIE Supported Transactions page to see the implementation guides that explain how to send and receive data.

Step 4: Contact L&I's HIE Support team at for additional documentation such as Production Migration or Quick Start.

Benefits of sharing data through HIE

  • Reduces your administrative costs for faxing or mailing.
  • Requires no special work (after your system has been modified). Providers fill out the forms online instead of on paper, and then an automated extract delivers the data to L&I.
  • Makes it easy to track injured worker information.
  • Ensures that L&I data is within your EMR and not in a separate paper file.
  • Ensures that the data your system maintains and L&I data match so that communication with L&I (and billing) are easier to process.

Additional benefits for providers participating in COHEs and other best practice programs

  • By collecting L&I forms as data within your EMR, you can set up automated completeness checking rules so that you can ensure that L&I forms are delivered in a timely manner and are complete. This improvement will ensure that best practices are met.
  • By receiving data, L&I can alert claim managers and care coordinators to provider information, helping them respond to injured worker needs in a timelier manner.

The APF was just the beginning — we now have more transactions available

  • The Activity Prescription Form and Claims Diagnosis Information transactions are currently available, and the ROA transaction will be available soon!
  • If your health care organization would like to work with L&I to automate another form or document, please contact L&I's HIE Support team at
  • In the future, L&I plans to explore options to streamline payment for automated forms, freeing providers from needing to bill using local codes.
  • Find out more about L&I's vision for exchanging data with providers.


Contact L&I's HIE team at

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