Vocational Services

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Find vocational laws, rules, policies, and guidelines.

Full List of Outcome Codes

Useful information to help you understand Vocational Services and L&I when issuing vocational recommendations.

Early Intervention

Early intervention by vocational services can help an injured worker return to work, or continue to work for the employer of injury or their current employer.

Ability-to-Work Assessment

This assessment provides the claim manager information necessary to make a decision regarding an injured worker's employability or eligibility for voc rehab. It may also help injured workers plan for the future by identifying their return-to-work options.

Plan Development

During vocational plan development the vocational provider works with the injured worker to develop a training plan.

Plan Implementation / Monitoring

Vocational plan implementation and monitoring services assist the worker in successfully completing a vocational rehabilitation plan.

Option 2 Benefits

Option 2 allows injured workers access to funds for self-directed training plans.

Stand-Alone Job Analysis

This referral type is used when L&I needs job analysis information to adjudicate a claim.

Forensic Evaluation

This is used when an adjudicator requires a comprehensive evaluation of a claim to clarify vocational issues. It is also used to make a determination whether a deceased worker was totally and permanently disabled at the time of death.

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