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Chapter WAC # Section Rule Title/Topic Scope of Rule
296-125 Nonagricultural employment of minors Applies to every person that employs one or more minors, or who permits, allows, or suffers one or more minors to work at a site or workplace, on premises, or under work conditions controlled by that employer, except for those employers statutorily exempted.
296-126 Employment standards Apply to any person employed in any industry or occupation within the state of Washington, unless: (1) Exempted by the provisions of chapter 49.12 RCW (newspaper vendors or carriers, domestic or casual labor in or about private residences, agricultural labor as defined in RCW 50.04.150, as now or hereafter amended, and sheltered workshops, are all exempt from these provisions); (2) Otherwise exempted in rules and regulations adopted by the industrial welfare committee of the state of Washington; (3) Exempted by a variance issued under the provisions in WAC 296-126-130; (4) Such person is an employee of the state or any political subdivision, or municipal corporation to the extent that these rules conflict with any statute, rule or regulation adopted under the authority of the appropriate legislative body.
296-126 025 through 030 Payroll Deduction The current payroll deductions rules (WAC 296-126-025) are in conflict with the statute and have been since the ruling of University of Washington v. Pope. This Court case addressed which deductions are permitted and that they were only permitted from the workers termination wages. The proposed wording also includes two new sections (WAC 296-126-028 and WAC 296-126-030) for wage deductions during on-going employment and adjustments for overpayments.
296-127 Prevailing wage Various administrative and other requirements for prevailing wage rules. Coveres and defines different types of contractors.
296-128 Minimum wages Provisions for wage recordkeeping, and minimum wage regulations for handicapped workers, students, and apprentices
296-130 Family care Serves to establish a minimum standard allowing an employee to use the employee's sick leave or other paid time off to care for a sick family member.
296-131 Agricultural employment standards Apply to persons employed in agricultural labor. The standards in this chapter beginning at WAC 296-131-100 apply only to minors employed in agricultural labor. The standards in this chapter do not apply to the immediate family members of the officers of any business engaged in agricultural production of crops or livestock.
Chapter WAC # Section Rule Title/Topic Scope of Rule
296-135 Domestic Violence Leave Applies to all employees and employers. This allows victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking to take reasonable leave from work paid or unpaid to take care of legal or law enforcement needs and obtain health care. Family members of a victim may also take reasonable leave to help the victim obtain treatment or seek help.

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