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FACE Fatal Facts
Number Title/Description
47-20-2011 New updated version Hazards to Truck Drivers and other Workers while Loading and Unloading Trucks and Trailers (172 KB PDF).
47-19-2009 New Logging Fatalities 1998 to 2008 (609 KB PDF / 2 min).
47-18-2009 Agriculture Fatalities 1998 to 2008 (538 KB PDF / 2 min).
47-17-2009 Construction Machinery Fatalities 1998 to 2008 (863 KB PDF / 2 min).
47-16-2009 Fatal Work-Related Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes in Washington State, 1998 to 2007 (853 KB PDF / 2 min); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-15-2008 Truck Driver Fatalities (96 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-14-2007 Commercial Cleaner Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (74 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-13-2007 Electrocution Hazard from Overhead Lighting Systems (152 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-12-2007 Farm Tractor Hazards (145 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-11-2006 Fall Hazards in the Construction Industry (127 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-10-2005 Electrocution Hazard Working Near Overhead Powerlines (102 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-9-2005 Silos and Silo Gas Hazards (267 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-8-2005 Hazards to Truck Drivers Loading and Unloading (617 KB PDF / 2 min); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-7-2004 Roadway Work Zones: Hazards to Workers on Foot (397 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-6-2004 Radiator Hose on Truck Ruptures Killing Worker (292 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
Hazards on the Road for Log Truck Drivers (39 KB PDF) (one page fact sheet).
Full document
Hazards on the Road for Log Truck Drivers (541 KB PDF) (full document).
47-3-2002 Construction Worker Struck and Killed by Car (210 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-2-2002 Drowning Dangers on Agricultural Lands (307 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.
47-2-2002(s) Peligros de Ahogarse en Terrenos Agrcolas (307 KB PDF); FACE Hechos Fatales.
47-1-1998 Skid-steer Loaders (154 KB PDF); FACE Fatal Facts.

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