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Supervisor at Used Clothing Processing Facility and Warehouse Dies When Struck by Falling Clothing Bales (1.65 MB PDF)
Incident Date: January 2011 Summary (782 KB PDF)

A Boat Maintenance Crew Supervisor Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Using a Gasoline-Powered Pressure Washer (942 KB PDF)
Incident Date: May 2012 Summary (579 KB PDF)

Maintenance Mechanic Dies After Being Burned by Hot Boric Acid Solution While Removing Pump (1.44 MB PDF)
Incident Date: July 2012 Summary (563 KB PDF)

Forklift Operator Dies When Crushed between Forklift Overhead Guard and Mast (1.24 MB PDF) (#12WA015)
Incident Date: May 2012 Summary (382 KB PDF)

A 19-Year-Old Landscape Laborer Dies When Entangled in Auger after Entering the Hopper of a Bark Blower Truck (3.43 MB PDF) (#15WA02901)
Incident Date: July 2014 Summary (227 KB PDF)

Orchard Laborer Dies When Run Over By Rotary Mower After Falling From Tractor (1.52 MB PDF) (#13WA01501)
Incident Date: April 2013 Summary (443 KB PDF)

Bark Company Owner Dies After Being Crushed By Ecology Block Wall (1.07 MB PDF) (#15WA02901)
Incident Date: July 2016 Summary (92 KB PDF)

Forest Crew Worker Electrocuted While Trying to Cut Tree Fallen on High-Voltage Power Line (1.05 MB PDF) (#12WA04501)
Incident Date: October 2012 Summary (113 KB PDF)

Coffee Stand Owner Dies When Leak from Propane Cylinder Causes a Fire (809 KB PDF) (#16WA00101)
Incident Date: January 2016 Summary (72 KB PDF)

Fertilizer Company Worker Crushed to Death by Falling Concrete Ecology Block (515 KB PDF) (#12WA701)
Summary (115 KB PDF)

Truck Driver Dies after Being Struck by Semi-Trailer Truck in Trailer Lot of Customer Yard (1.49 MB PDF) (#11WA012)

Orchard Laborer Dies after Being Struck and Run Over by Dump Trailer (1.71 MB PDF) (#09WA04401)

Log Truck Driver Dies When Struck by Logs Being Loaded Onto Trailer (1.41 MB PDF) (#11WA03301)

Two Propane Gas Supplier Workers Electrocuted when Boom Truck Crane’s Boom Contacts 7,200 Volt Overhead Power Line (2.85 MB PDF) (#10WA031)


Operator Dies after Excavator Tips Over Bridge and Falls into River Below (2.33 MB PDF) (#08WA00101)


Timber Harvester Operator Killed Following a Chain Shot Incident (3.34 MB PDF) (#10WA04801)
Summary (332 KB PDF)


Orchard Tractor Operator Dies when Run Over by Trailer-Mounted Water Tank Towed by Tractor (2.44 MB PDF) (#08WA053)
Summary (422 KB PDF)


Truck Driver Dies after being Run Over by Propane Transport Rolling Backward at Bulk Plant (1.3 MB PDF) (#11WA013)
Summary (238 KB PDF)


Orchard Laborer Dies when Crushed Between a Motor Grader and Semi-Truck in Washington State (1 MB PDF) (#09WA04701)
Summary (178 KB PDF)


Operator Dies after Being Caught between Bulldozer's Track and Fender (1.2 MB PDF) (#10WA015)
Summary (293 KB PDF)


Machinist Dies After Being Struck by Rotating Steel Bar Stock in Lathe in Washington State (2 MB PDF) (#10WA01001)
Summary (183 KB PDF)

Deck Engineer on Barge Dies When Struck by Crane Counterweight in Washington State (4.8 MB PDF) (#10WA040)
Summary (488 KB PDF)

Carpet Installer Dies after Falling 32 Feet at a Commercial Jobsite (845 KB PDF) (#09WA05101)
Summary (308 KB PDF)

Crane Operator Dies after Falling From Crane Turntable Deck in Washington State (818 KB PDF) (# 10WA046)
Summary (217 KB PDF)

A Commercial Cleaning Company Worker Dies of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning at a Warehouse in Washington State (11.3 MB PDF) (# 06WA021)

Assembler / Fabricator Dies When Struck by “L” Rack Loaded with Glass Mirrors in Washington State (747 KB PDF) (#08WA049)

A 16-Year-Old Worker Dies When Struck by a Portable Gantry Crane used as an Engine Hoist (747 KB PDF) (#03WA03901)

Maintenance Worker Electrocuted While Attempting to Change a Light Bulb in Washington State (195 KB PDF) (04WA080)

Two Teen Workers Asphyxiate in an Agricultural Silo (457 KB PDF) (03WA038)

Temporary Construction Worker Dies After Falling from a Scaffold Plank in Washington State (626 KB PDF) (02WA019)

Maintenance Worker Killed When Struck by a Vehicle Along a Highway in Washington State (203 KB PDF) (02WA048)

Flagger Fatally Injured When Struck by a Car at a Highway Work Zone in Washington State (271 KB PDF) (00WA011)

Utility Construction Supervisor Killed When Struck by a Pickup Truck at a Work Zone in Washington State (263 KB PDF) (02WA034)

Temporary Worker Killed when Caught in Machinery at a Bottling Plant in Washington State (276 KB PDF) (00WA012)

City Worker Killed When Struck by a Dump Truck in Washington State (148 KB PDF) (00WA041)

Lineman Killed After Being Struck by a Car in Washington State (248 KB PDF) (00WA040)

Logger Killed by Log (224 KB PDF)
During a helicopter logging operation in Washington State (99WA070)

Flagger Killed When Struck by Dump Truck (347 KB PDF)
This fatality occurred during road construction in Washington State (99WA070)

A Fifteen Year-old Worker was Killed After he Fell From the Roof of a Building While Helping Wash its Windows (120 KB PDF) (98WA113)

A Sixteen Year-old Farm Worker was Killed While Driving a Tractor Pulling a Hay Baler on a Public Roadway (225 KB PDF)
The tractor left the roadway and overturned on the worker (99WA056)

Cedar Salvage Logger Killed When Struck by Falling Cedar Blocks (281 KB PDF)
During a helicopter logging operation in Washington State, a salvage logger was killed by blocks of cedar that fell on him. Cedar blocks were being hoisted by a helicopter to a landing site when a sling failed and the blocks struck a logger below (98WA10301)

Construction Contractor Killed by Fall From Ladder (329 KB PDF)
Contractor was putting finishing touches on a building when his ladder fell and he struck the ground in Washington State (98WA08601) Attached appendices outline discussions of underlying medical conditions and work at height, other specialty ladders and accessories to make work at heights safer, and some applicable WISHA standards.

Night Foreman Killed After Falling From a Hay De-Stacker (305 KB PDF)
Washington State (98WA06301)

Tree Faller Struck by Tree (374 KB PDF)
Logger killed when struck by top of falling tree, which was felled by an adjacent cutter in Washington State (98WA07601)

Sawmill Unscrambler Operator (221 KB PDF)
The operator was killed when struck by a board ejected by trim saw in Washington State (98WA06001)

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