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Explosives, safety standards for the possession and handling of

Chapter 296-52, WAC

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Safety Standards for Possession, Handling, and Use of Explosives (Chapter 296-52 WAC)

The purpose of this rulemaking is to update Chapter 296-52 WAC Safety Standards for Possession, Handling, and Use of Explosives in order to reflect technological advancements and to better complement related federal regulations in the interest of both worker and public safety. Many sections have not been updated in 10 to 30 years and there is widespread agreement among stakeholders and agency staff that some changes are necessary. Additionally, updating requirements for storage of smokeless powder to reflect current industry best practices and align with federal regulations is expected to significantly reduce the number of variances requested, which place an administrative burden on both businesses and the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH). Accordingly, DOSH has formed an explosives safety stakeholder group comprised of representatives of law enforcement, other governmental agencies, industry, and private/recreational users who plan to meet regularly beginning in January 2018 to discuss potential rule changes in advance of drafting a revised rule proposal. While the scope of the rulemaking will include the entire WAC chapter and updating other references to Chapter 296-52 WAC as needed, likely focus areas will include changes to definitions, licensing, storage, background check requirements, public disclosure, transportation, and restructuring of the rule in order to create separate sections for law enforcement and avalanche control work.821.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

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