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Preparing for Your Electrical Exam

The Department of Labor & Industries administers electrical certification laws for the state of Washington. Anyone who works in the electrical construction trade must be certified as a journey level or specialty electrician. To become certified you must pass the exam related to the work that you will be doing.

This information is provided to help you to pass the exam. Included is a list of required knowledge and a preview of the type of questions that will be on the exam. Passing the exam ensures that you have the skills and knowledge to work at an entry level.

Basic knowledge that you should have

  • All examinations require that you have a working grasp of the National Electrical Code, Washington laws and rules, and a basic level of electrical theory knowledge. All law, rule and code questions are based on the current version of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.28 and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296-46B, and the 2017 National Electrical Code.
  • It is recommended that you have appropriate classroom education to be successful in passing the exam. On-the-job experience is typically not enough to ensure a passing grade.
  • You should be familiar with general copyrighted electrical or telecommunication publications, as well as general math and electrical theory computation. All theory questions are general in nature and are based on information from general copyrighted electrical or telecommunication publications. Theory questions may include: general math and electrical theory computation questions.
  • Carefully check what you are expected to know for your exam. Several specialties are allowed to perform the work of other specialties. The exams will reflect this expectation. In other words, you may be tested on multiple specialties and, if you are not prepared, the questions may be beyond your preparation. For example, 07C Nonresidential Restricted Maintenance Electricians are allowed to perform all the work of 07B Residential Maintenance Electricians; consequently, they must also be knowledgeable of work done as a 07B Residential Maintenance Electrician.

What to expect when taking the exam

  • All candidates must show the exam proctor two pieces of valid photo-ID before beginning the exam.
  • All examinations are open book: It is okay to use original (that is, not photocopied or computer generated) copyrighted material and a silent, nonprinting, nonprogrammable calculator.
  • Personal notes, cellular telephones, pagers, personal computers, or other programmable data or telecommunication devices are not allowed in the examination area.
  • Copyrighted material may contain sections that have been previously highlighted, but marking copyrighted material with a highlighter is not allowed in the examination area.

View Candidate Bulletin of Information (407 KB PDF) (candidate.psiexams.com) for content outlines and other information.

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