Look Up Elevator Inspections

Make sure the elevator or other conveyance in your building is safe. Use this handy search tool to look up the inspection history for an elevator, escalator and other conveyances in Washington State -- except for Spokane and Seattle.

About the Elevator Program

Information about what the elevator section does and why we do it.

Licensing Elevator Professionals

Starting July 1, 2004, mechanics and contractors who perform work on conveyances need to be licensed. These conveyances include, but are not limited to, elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, material lifts and stairway lifts.

What's New & Calendar

Elevator Company & Contractor Information

Information regarding inspections on new installations, most frequently cited items on new inspections, temporary operation permits and alteration permits.

Building Owner Information

Building owner's responsibilities regarding the testing and inspections of their conveyances.

Plans, Permits, and Fees

Before starting work on your project, you need to submit plans, permits and pay fees. In all cases, accuracy in filling out forms can speed processing.

Laws, Rules, and Policies

Ask questions about rule changes; find out when and where public hearings are taking place; join the Elevator Programís Technical Advisory Committee; check on policies that may affect your construction project or business.

Elevator Forms & Publications

Find the forms for extension requests, variance requests and other items here.

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