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State Code for Mobile/Manufactured Home Installation

Anyone installing a manufactured or mobile home in Washington State must follow the installation requirements of WAC 296-150I, sections 0310 through 0370.

New homes

New manufactured or mobile homes must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions or the specific instructions of an engineer or architect licensed in Washington. These specific instructions do not need to address the entire installation - the manufacturer's installation instructions can be used for other installation aspects. If neither the manufacturer's installation instructions nor the specific instructions cover all aspects of installation, it must comply with the requirements of WAC 296-150I-0310.

Relocated homes

If the home manufacturer's original installation instructions are unavailable, relocated homes can be installed according to the specifications of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A225.1 or the specific instructions of an engineer or architect licensed in Washington. For information on where to obtain a copy of ANSI A225.1, contact our Factory Assembled Structures toll-free automated services line at 1-800-647-0982 (Option 5).

For more information:

RCW 43.22 Sections 335-495 - Manufactured/mobile homes, factory-assembled structures. (
RCW 43.22A - Mobile and Manufactured Home Installation. (
WAC 296-150I - Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification Program, Installation Code. (
WAC 296-150M - WA Manufactured Home Code. (

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