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Manufactured/Mobile Home Installers Must Be Certified

Washington law requires a certified manufactured home installer to be on site to supervise all phases of manufactured home installation work.

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What is manufactured/mobile home installation work?

According to Washington law (RCW 43.22A (app.leg.wa.gov) / WAC 296-150I (app.leg.wa.gov)), installation work means:

  • Setup and assembly.
  • Constructing the foundation system, including building the forms for concrete.
  • Installing the support piers.
  • Connecting to the foundation system and support piers.
  • Skirting (decorative or load-bearing).
  • Shipped-loose plumbing connections.*
  • On-site work such as complete re-leveling, skirting replacement, and installing earthquake-resistant bracing systems.**
  • Extension of the water heater pressure relief valve.

* Washington State certified plumbers are not required to obtain installer certification to perform plumbing work on manufactured homes.
** Work such as routine maintenance or other routine repairs such as skirting repair, periodic adjustments to piers, or replacement of a damaged pier does not require manufactured home installer certification.

The installer certification process

To become a certified manufactured home installer in the state of Washington, you must do the following:

  1. Meet the experience requirements.
  2. Submit an application and pay the fee to take the training and certification examination.
  3. Take the 10-hour training course.
  4. Pass the certification examination.
  5. Take continuing education required for renewal.
  6. Installer certification must be renewed after 3 years.
Experience requirements

To qualify for certification:

  • you must have at least 6 months of hands-on experience installing manufactured homes under the direct supervision of a certified installer,
  • you must have 2 years of hands-on experience with residential or commercial construction.

Important note

To do business as a mobile/manufactured home installer in Washington, you may also need the following:

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