Below you will find common acronyms related to manufactured homes and other mobile structures.


A/C - Air Conditioner.

CC - Commercial Coach - Trailers used as temporary buildings that are mounted on a chassis (i.e. contractor site offices & temporary work trailers). It cannot be used as a single-family residence.

Certification Label - A permanent label from HUD on each transportable section of every manufactured home for sale or lease in the United States. This label is separate and distinct from the data plate which the manufacturer provides.

Data Plate - The plate permanently affixed near the main electrical panel or other readily accessible and visible location by the manufacturer.

Decertified/Decertification - A mobile/manufactured home deemed unfit for living by local jurisdiction but the owner is allowed to use only as storage. The home will be decertified following these steps (74 KB PDF).

DEMO - Demolition - A mobile/manufactured home deemed unfit for living by local jurisdiction (other than L&I). The owner will be required to demolition/destroy the home and L&I will, as a courtesy, inspect to verify for the local jurisdiction that the home has been demolished.

FAS - Factory Assembled Structures - Any structure assembled or built in a factory that can be used for residential or commercial needs (i.e., Manufactured Homes; Commercial Coach; Food Vendor units; Recreational Vehicles).

FBS - Factory Built Structure - Another term for FAS.

HRI - Homeowner Requested Inspection - An inspection to determine what, if any, alteration inspections are required. Generally an HRI is used in cases of home sales or refinancing.

HP - Heat Pump.

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development (

Insignia - Metal Label put on end wall opposite hitch (or on older units, may be next to front door) issued by L&I.

LV - Low Voltage - Fire Alarm systems and Security systems.

Medical Unit - Self-propelled unit used to provide medical examinations, treatments, etc. These units are transportable, temporarily placed and used, built on a permanent chassis, and include at least one system.

MH - Manufactured Home - Single family housing unit built according to the Department of HUD national, pre-emptive building code.

MH - Mobile Home - A factory built dwelling built prior to June 15 1976, to standards other than the code, and acceptable under applicable state codes in effect at the time of construction, or upon introduction of the home into the state.

Modular Structure - A modular structure is one that is transported to a site. It must meet state rules for construction. Approved modular structures bear a gold-colored insignia from L&I.

PLMG - Plumbing.

RPT - Recreational Park Trailer.

RV - Recreational Vehicle.

Vendor/Concession Unit (VEN) - A motor vehicle or other structure converted or built to be used for commercial sales at temporary locations (for example, a food truck).

WS - Wood Stove.

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