Homeowner Requested Inspection (HRI)

You may be asked by your realtor, lender or appraiser to get a Homeowner Requested Inspection (HRI). Or, you may decide you need an HRI in preparation for the sale or purchase of a manufactured/mobile home. The HRI is designed to identify work that has taken place but did not receive a permit.

In many cases, an HRI is required to satisfy lenders there are no unpermitted alterations.

About Buying an HRI

When you buy an HRI, you will need to supply basic site information before making the purchase. An HRI is an inspection only to determine alterations that have taken place without a permit. Any unpermitted work or corrections the inspector finds will require additional permitting.

Important! After purchasing your HRI permit, you will need to request your inspection.


Other Ways To Buy an HRI

By mail

With My L&I - for contractors

You can track account balances and review your L&I permits and inspection history.

  • Pay for permits with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.
  • We also accept e-Check, a one time withdrawal from your checking account.

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After You Buy an Hri, How Do You Request the Inspection?

After you buy an HRI, and you are ready, you can request the inspection online, or in person at a local L&I office.

After you've made the request, your inspector will call you when scheduling inspections in your area. It takes about 10 days for the HRI to take place after you've made the request.

At the inspection, the inspector will let you know if work was done without a permit; and give you a report letting you know what permits you will need to be in compliance.

Then, if necessary, you will need to buy the required permits and request the inspections.

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