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2018 rulemaking

Fee Increase
A 4% increase in fees the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries charges for services from the Contractor Registration, Elevator, and Factory Assembled Structures programs will take effect Jan. 4, 2019.

The rule changes affect the following:

  • Chapter 296-200A WAC - Contractor Certificate of Registration Renewals – Security - Insurance.
  • Chapter 296-96 WAC - Safety Regulations and fees for all elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators and other conveyances
  • Chapter 296-150C WAC - Commercial coaches
  • Chapter 296-150F WAC - Factory-built housing and commercial structures
  • Chapter 296-150I WAC - Manufactured home installer training and certification program
  • Chapter 296-150M WAC - Manufactured homes
  • Chapter 296-150P WAC - Recreational park trailers
  • Chapter 296-150R WAC - Recreational vehicles
  • Chapter 296-150T WAC - Factory-built temporary worker housing structures
  • Chapter 296-150V WAC - Conversion vendor units and medical units

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