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This is your gateway to the laws, rules, rule development, and policies for L&I’s program that oversees manufactured and mobile homes, food trucks, and other mobile or modular structures. Here you can see applicable laws and rules, see what new rules are in development and get involved with the rulemaking process, and see information on any policies the program develops.

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Laws & Rules

The state Legislature approves laws overseeing manufactured and mobile homes, food trucks, and other mobile or modular structures.

Laws for those areas are located in chapters 43.22 and 43.22A of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

Rules that enact the laws in the program area can be found in Washington Administration Code (WAC) chapter 296-150C, 296-150F, 296-150I, 296-150M, 296-150P, 296-150R, 296-150T, 296-150V and 296-49A.

The RCW and WAC are maintained and updated by the State Office of the Code Reviser (

If you receive an error message when referencing a link to a specific section of a WAC or RCW, try your search at the Washington State Legislative Search page (

2018 Rulemaking – Fee Increase

FAS Rule Development

A 4 % increase in fees the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries charges for services from the Contractor Registration, Elevator, and Factory Assembled Structures programs will take effect Jan. 4, 2019.

The rule changes affect the following:

  • Chapter 296-200A WAC - Contractor Certificate of Registration Renewals – Security - Insurance.
  • Chapter 296-96 WAC - Safety Regulations and fees for all elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators and other conveyances
  • Chapter 296-150C WAC - Commercial coaches
  • Chapter 296-150F WAC - Factory-built housing and commercial structures
  • Chapter 296-150I WAC - Manufactured home installer training and certification program
  • Chapter 296-150M WAC - Manufactured homes
  • Chapter 296-150P WAC - Recreational park trailers
  • Chapter 296-150R WAC - Recreational vehicles
  • Chapter 296-150T WAC - Factory-built temporary worker housing structures
  • Chapter 296-150V WAC - Conversion vendor units and medical units

For more information

Get an overview of the L&I rulemaking process. A glossary of terms can help in understanding the rulemaking/code adoption process.


Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Code of Federal Regulations

Rules and Policies

Washington Administrative Code (WACs)

  • Commercial Coaches – WAC 296-150C (
  • Factory-Built Housing and Commercial Structures – WAC 296-150F (
  • Manufactured Homes – WAC 296-150M (
  • Manufactured Home Installer Certification – WAC 296-150I (
  • Recreational Park Trailers – WAC 296-150P (
  • Recreational Vehicles – WAC 296-150R (
  • Factory Built Temporary Worker Housing Structures – WAC 296-150T(
  • Concession Units and Medical Units – WAC 296-150V (
  • Temporary Worker Housing Construction Standard – WAC 246-359 (

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