How to Hire Teens

Hiring Teen Workers in Agriculture

See the Young Workers in Agriculture fact sheet (F700-096-909) for more information.

Steps a business must follow

  1. Obtain a Minor Work Permit endorsement through your Business License Application prior to hiring a minor. Go to the Department of Revenue - Business Licensing Service website ( or any L&I office. You must post your Business License with current minor work permit endorsement. This must be renewed annually. Renewal notice will be sent by the Department of Revenue.
  2. Before permitting a minor to work, you must have the minor's parent or legal guardian and the school complete the appropriate authorization form listed below and keep a copy for your files. These forms can be obtained from L&I either online or by emailing
  3. Obtain proof of minor's age. You must keep proof of age on file. Examples include a copy of a birth certificate, driver's license, school ID or a witnessed statement of the parent or legal guardian.
  4. Keep employment records for 3 years after you hire a teen. The business must keep information such as the worker's name, address, occupation, dates of employment, rate(s) of pay, amount paid each pay period and the hours worked. These records must be available to the worker on request at any reasonable time.

Special rules, exceptions, and penalties when hiring teens


These child labor rules do not apply to immediate family members of farm owners.

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What else does an employer need to know about hiring teens?

Adolescence is a time of rapid change and learning. A few tips can help keep them safe in the workplace:

  • Teens are entitled to a safe and healthy work environment just as adults do. Follow all the health and safety requirements. If assistance is needed, contact a DOSH health and safety consultant in your area.
  • Teens are entitled to workers' compensation the same as adults.
  • Teens require increased supervision and lots of repetition to learn new skills.
  • Teens should be encouraged to ask questions and ask for assistance if they are unsure of how to do assigned tasks.

For more detail, see L&I administrative policy:
Adobe PDF file School Week and Work Week for Minors (ES.C.4.1) (134 KB PDF)

For more detail, see Washington Administrative Code:
Agriculture Employment Rules (WAC 296-131) (

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