If you think a condition is not work related

  • You must file the claim anyway.
  • You can indicate that the condition is not work-related on the accident report.
  • You can also inform the patient that the inappropriate filing of a claim may delay coverage by other insurers.

If the injury is minor

  • File a claim whenever you treat an injured worker.
  • Provisions of state law apply regardless of the severity of the injury. See below for laws and rules.

If you think a condition is work related, but your patient does not want to file a claim

  • You are required to inform the injured worker of their rights.
  • If the worker objects after hearing their rights, you must still file the Report of Accident.
  • L&I cannot pay you for the visit unless a claim is filed.

If your patient is afraid of retaliation for filing a claim

Let the patient know that they are protected against such discrimination.