As a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC), you can use the resources below to help your client recover and return to work.

Helpful Links

Vocational Laws, Rules, and Policies




Referral outcome codes

Full List of Outcome Codes

Payment policies

Review our vocational payment policies online at Billing & Payment Policies Chapter 30: Vocational Services.

Claims policies

Review our Claims policies online. To access them, follow the directions in Vocational Provider Access to the Claim and Account Knowledge Base.

After you log in to the Claim and Account Knowledge Base, you can search for policies and other related materials. Some policies VRCs may commonly refer to include:

  • Interim Policy 6.07 - Vocational Interns and Supervisors (State Fund Claims)
  • Policy 6.30 - Preferred Worker
  • Interim Policy 6.49 - Retraining Plans and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Interim Policy 6.50 - Determining the Validity of a Job Offered by the Employer of Record
  • Policy 6.53 - Authorizing Board and Lodging for Vocational Retraining
  • Policy 6.54 - Authorizing Transportation for Vocational Retraining
  • Policy 6.70 - Authorizing Job Modifications
  • Policy 6.71 - Authorizing Pre-Job Accommodations