Option 2 allows workers access to training funds for self-directed training plans. When a worker chooses Option 2, we will:

  • End time-loss benefits.
  • Issue Option 2 benefits:
    • A vocational award (an amount of money usually equal to 9 months of time-loss compensation)
    • A training fund to use for school.
  • Close the claim.

The worker can use up to 10% of their available training funds for vocational counseling and job placement services if both of the following are true:

  • We approved the worker’s plan on or after July 31, 2015.
  • We have granted Option 2 benefits to the worker.

Option 2 services: vocational provider’s role

As a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC), you will assist the worker with their goal by providing vocational counseling and/or job placement services. To bill for services:

  1. Briefly describe your services using one of these forms:
  2. Submit the form (we may ask for case notes if we need more detailed documentation of services)

State Fund claims


Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
PO Box 44291
Olympia WA 98504-4291

Fax: 360-902-4567

Self-insured claims
Contact the self-insured employer or its representative to discuss its reporting preferences.

3. Submit your bill using your usual billing method

  • For State Fund claims, use:
    • Billing codes
    • R0399 - Vocational counseling
    • R0398 - Job placement services
    • Referral Number 9999999
  • For self-insured employers, contact the employer or its representative to discuss its billing preferences.

Option 2 services: worker’s role

Beginning the date we grant Option 2 benefits, the worker may:

  • Select a qualified VRC:
    • Use the VRC they worked with during plan development/implementation, or
    • Contact our Option 2 Specialists at 360-902-9135 for a list of VRCs in the worker's area.
  • Work with the selected VRC to create a service agreement to achieve the worker’s goals.
  • Share access to claim documents with the VRC if requested:
    • For State Fund claims, only the worker has access to the claim file through the Claim and Account Center after the claim closes. If the worker chooses, they may share claim documents with the VRC.
    • For self-insured claims, the VRC should contact the self-insured employer or its representative to access the worker’s file.
  • Receive vocational and job placement services from the VRC.
  • Switch to a different qualified VRC any time during the 5-year Option 2 training period if the worker has enough funds left for Option 2 vocational services.