Option 2 Vocational Services Question and Answers

    What is Option 2 vocational counseling?

    Vocational counseling may include:

    • Help in accessing available community services to assist the worker with reentering the workforce.
    • Assistance in developing a training plan.
    • Coaching and guidance as requested by the worker.
    • Interests and skills assessment, if the worker requests or agrees it is needed to reach the worker’s training or employment goals.
    • Other services directly related to vocational counseling, such as job readiness and interview practice.
    What are Option 2 job placement services?

    Job placement services may include:

    • Help in developing an action plan for return to work.
    • Job development, including contacting potential employers on the worker’s behalf.
    • Job search assistance.
    • Job application assistance.
    • Help in obtaining employment as a preferred worker, if certified, up to and including educating the employer on preferred worker incentives.
    • Other services directly related to job placement, such as targeted resume development and referral to community resources (WorkSource).
    Who can provide workers Option 2 vocational counseling and job placement services?
    • A credentialed vocational rehabilitation provider who meets the qualifications in WAC 296-19A-210 and obtains a provider number from L&I. Interns cannot provide Option 2 services.
    • A public sector organization that provides vocational services, such as WorkSource.
    Who pays vocational providers for Option 2 services?

    L&I or the self-insured employer pays the vocational provider from the worker’s Option 2 benefits in response to appropriately submitted billings.

    How much can I charge L&I or the self-insured employer?

    You must charge for services in billable hour increments as listed in L&I’s current vocational services Billing & Payment Policies Chapter 30: Vocational Services.

    You cannot bill for:

    • Travel or wait time.
    • Completing the Option 2 Vocational Services Summary form.

    In addition, you may not bill the worker directly for services.

    Can I bill L&I or the self-insured employer for services after claim closure?

    Yes, you can provide Option 2 services and bill for them after claim closure, as long as the worker has sufficient:

    • Time remaining under Option 2; Option 2 is available to the worker for up to 5 years after the Option 2 approval.
    • Funds available for Option 2 vocational counseling and job placement services. Available funds will depend on how much the worker has already spent.

    Reminder: You must send your bill within 1 year of the date of service.

    How can I verify the worker has sufficient Option 2 funds to pay for services?

    For L&I-insured claims, the worker can sign a release allowing you to call the L&I Option 2 Specialists (360-902-9135) for this information. For self-insured claims, contact the self-insured employer or its representative.

    What recourse does a worker have if they have a complaint about Option 2 services received?

    The worker can contact the Option 2 Specialists (360-902-9135) who may refer the complaint to L&I's Private Sector Rehabilitation Services.