You may receive a monthly pension if you are certified as permanently and totally disabled before L&I closes the claim, and:

  1. The medical and vocational evidence finds that your injury prevents you from becoming gainfully employed, or
  2. You have lost, or lose the use of, both legs, both arms, an arm and a leg, or your vision.
Pension Benefits

Pension Payments

Monthly pension payments are mailed or deposited around the 15th of the month. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive it. In rare cases, additional payments will be made. These supplement payments are issued as paper checks and are mailed the following business day. If you don't get your payment, please contact us.

You may choose to receive your payments by check or direct deposit into banks or credit unions within the U.S. and U.S. territories. If you wish to receive your payment electronically, please complete a Payment Method Authorization form.

Your pension is non-taxable, so we do not send out 1099s or W-2s.

Changes to Your Pension Benefits

Your benefits may change:

  • If you qualify for a cost of living adjustment
  • If you start or stop receiving Social Security benefits, or your benefit amount changes
  • If you return to work
  • If you were married at the time of pension and your marital status changes

To learn more, see our Pension and Survivor Benefits brochure or How Social Security Benefits May Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Payments guide.

Benefits for full-time students

Dependents of pensioners or survivors may be eligible to receive a monthly pension payment if they:

  • Are over the age of 18 and under the age of 23
  • Are enrolled in an accredited school and attending as a full-time student
  • Provide notice of intent to enroll as a full-time student between the spring and fall quarters/semesters
  • Provide proof of full-time enrollment after the start of every quarter/semester by completing and submitting a Verification of School Enrollment form

Eligibility ends when the dependent is no longer attending an accredited school full time, joins the military, or becomes incarcerated.

Post-Pension Medical Treatment

It is important to note that pre-authorization is required for treatment on pension claims or the bill will not be paid. (RCW 51.36.010(4)).

If you do not already have pre-authorization for treatment, your health care provider must:

  • Make a written request for a treatment order
  • Await approval from L&I or your self-insurer before providing treatment.

Keep your information updated

A current mailing address and phone number are required even if you have direct deposit. Outdated contact information could result in suspension of benefits.

  • Mailing address changes must be made in writing via fax, online using Claim & Account Center, or by mail. Always include your claim number and authorizing signature. If your employer is self‑insured, send a written notification to both L&I and your employer or their third-party administrator (TPA).

To forward your correspondence to an attorney, family member or friend, attach a "Power of Attorney," "Payee form," or "Guardianship paperwork" if we don't already have the proper documents on file. We also need this paperwork if your family member or friend will sign in on your behalf in the future.

Survivor Pensions

Spouses or dependents of a worker who has died from a workplace injury or occupational disease, may be eligible for a:

  • One-time "immediate payment" to the worker's spouse or registered domestic partner
  • Burial reimbursement
  • Monthly survivor pension

For more information, see the "Survivor Benefits" section of our Pension and Survivor Benefits brochure or contact us.

Social Security Offset

Federal Social Security benefits (disability or retirement) may affect the amount of pension benefits you receive from L&I. If you start or stop getting federal Social Security benefits while you are receiving a disability pension from L&I, notify us immediately.

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