Control Your Costs

We offer financial incentives to employers who help workers injured on the job get back to work, and help prevent workplace injuries before they happen.

Retrospective rating

Qualify for a refund with retrospective rating (Retro) if you reduce workplace injuries and associated claim costs.

Claim-free discount

Prevent workplace injuries and you may earn the claim-free discount. Businesses are eligible if they have no compensable claims during the 3-year experience period.

Calculating your rate

Learn how we figure out the premiums you pay.

Stay at work

You may be reimbursed for wages, training and tools when you provide a temporary, light-duty job to workers who stay at work while healing.

Preferred worker program

Receive financial incentives for hiring a certified preferred worker in a position that meets their permanent work restrictions.

Paying the right rate?

Have you changed your business? Your rates may change. Check our Risk Class Lookup tool or call the account manager listed on your quarterly report.

Light-duty job

Actively work to help your injured worker recover and get back to work with a light-duty job.

Protest and appeal rights

Know when and how to protest or appeal a claim decision.

Risk management / safety consultation

Find hazards and hidden costs with a free consultation.

Workshops & training

Get free training on claims management, safety, and more.