Self-insurance is a unique program in which the employer directly provides workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers. Self-insurers communicate directly with their injured workers and manage their industrial injury claims. The different sections of the Self-Insurance program oversees self-insured employers to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Self-Insurance Claims Management Section:

  • Issues most legal orders on claims
  • Resolves disputes and protests from workers, employers and providers
  • Reviews and makes determinations on requests for pension
  • Answers questions from workers, employers, and providers

Training Unit:

  • Provides certification testing and training to individuals managing claims for self-insured employers and their third party administrators
  • Licenses the third party administrator businesses who manage claims for self-insured employers

Certification Services:

  • Reviews and monitors the financial strength of self-insured employers so that all workers’ compensation obligations can be met
  • Assesses employers to help fund the Self-Insurance Program, provide resources to self-insured employers, and create reserves in circumstances of an employer default


  • Audits employers to ensure workers claims are being managed in accordance with all applicable industrial insurance laws and regulations
  • Issues penalties when employers or third party administrators do not follow rules and regulations