Make sure your project doesn’t turn into something you regret – protect yourself and your project to make sure things go smoothly.

I want to…verify a contractor.

Before Hiring a Contractor

  1. Do your homework
    • Use our contractor verification tool to make sure your contractor meets state requirements:
      • Verify the contractor has an active license.
      • Ensure the contractor is bonded and insured for damages that may occur.
      • Check that they maintain a safe job site or have corrected any violations.
      • Review a contractor’s license history for previous lawsuits or license violations.
      • Watch: Verify a Contractor for Consumers
    • Hire Smart – use our step-by-step guide to walk you through the contracting process.
    • ProtectMyHome – get some helpful tips for home improvement projects.
  2. Plan ahead
    • Get at least 3 written bids and compare them carefully.
  3. Be smart
    • Get references, and stay alert for scams.
    • Get a written contract, and make sure you understand the terms.
  4. Protect yourself
    • Consider requesting a performance bond for larger projects.

For Employers and Business Owners

Employers and business owners have many responsibilities when hiring a contractor or subcontractor. It is important that you understand your workers’ compensation and safety requirements. Otherwise, your business may be vulnerable to unexpected regulatory penalties and even lawsuits.

You may need to provide workers’ compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance (also known as Industrial Insurance) provides wage replacement and medical benefits to workers injured on the job. For additional information, go to the Insurance Requirements web page.

What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor is typically a person or contractor:

  • That has an established business.
  • Who directs or controls their own work, or the work of their employees.
  • Who brings their own heavy equipment or machinery to the job site.

To check if your workers should be covered, go to Independent Contractors web page for more information.