If you are not qualified to perform electrical installations yourself, businesses and homeowners should hire a licensed electrical contractor. Electrical contracting businesses are licensed, bonded, and provide certified electricians who have years of training, education, and have passed an examination to safely perform electrical work.

Before hiring a contractor

After hiring a contractor

Make sure your electrical contractor has purchased the required permit(s) and obtained the required inspections for the work being done.

  • If your jobsite is within city limits of a city who does their own permitting and inspection or in Tacoma Power’s jurisdiction, contact them to search for your permit and inspection information.
  • Anywhere else in the state, use our online tool to search for your permit and inspection information.

Safeguard your property

Your contractor is responsible to get the electrical permits and inspections for the work that they do. If you or your contractor do not get permits for electrical work, any electrical modifications done may cause problems when you try to sell your property.

How to take legal action

If you are dissatisfied with your electrical contractor's work, and you have exhausted other means to reach a resolution, you can take legal action.

Filing a lawsuit against an electrical contractor should be a last resort.

Lawsuits against electrical contractors must follow the requirements of RCW 19.28.071, including:

  • The lawsuit must be filed in Superior Court.
  • The bonding company or banking authority and contractor must be served per statute requirements.

See Filing Suit Against an Electrical Contractor (F625-053-000) for the complete step-by-step procedure.

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