Use the Provider Network Status Report (PNSR) Lookup or download the Provider Network Status Report (PNSR) report uploaded by 7 a.m. daily. Self-insured employers use the report to determine who can provide ongoing treatment to injured workers in Washington after January 1, 2013.

To download the PNSR data file, choose the file format that best meets your needs. All versions have the same provider records.

Tab-delimited file v2 (.txt)
XML file v2 (.xml)
Excel file v2 (.xlsx)

PNSR Record Layout and Data Dictionary (.rtf)

Data is dependent upon systems and their accuracy when run, as well as information submitted by providers to L&I. Please notify the contact below if you encounter file download or data issues.

Use the network status to determine who is authorized to treat injured workers for ongoing care. Network status code definitions, special program codes, and valid provider-types and specialties can be found in the Definitions Look-Up Table (.xlsx).

If you have questions or concerns about these tools, please contact  Mary Kaempfe.