Frequently Asked Questions about ProviderOne

    I am an Individual provider, should I select servicing only or regular billing as the servicing type?

    In Step one of the ProviderOne application you must select a servicing type to indicate what type of billing a provider will be using. 

    A Servicing only provider is a provider that will only be billing under their provider group, or employers tax ID

    A Regular (billing) provider is a provider that will be billing under their own SSN or tax ID

    I have made a modification to my ProviderOne domain, but now i can't get back into fix or update it, what happened?

    Once a modification has been made to the ProviderOne domain, it is submitted to the agency to be reviewed and completed if approved. However, until the modification request is approved or returned to the Provider/Group, it will remain locked temporarily.

    I have a ProviderOne ID and an L&I account number, what's the difference?

    Once your ProviderOne application is approved, you will be issued a ProviderOne domain ID number, used only for the organization's ProviderOne record, and cannot be used to bill L&I. 

    You will receive a separate letter that details your L&I provider account number which will be used for billing, authorizations, and using L&I's online systems. 

    How can I request a call back from L&I regarding my application?

    In order to properly help with your application in ProviderOne, please email LNIProviderOne@LNI.WA.GOV and include:

    • The applying NPI,
    • Application or domain number (if known),
    • A brief description of the issue and your contact information
    How can I update information in my ProviderOne domain?

    Only administrators for billing domains (individual/groups) will be able to submit updates (servicing only providers must contact your group's ProviderOne administrator)

    Changes to the domain can be made after establishing an administrator profile. For more information see the Access ProviderOne Tab. Sign into your ProviderOne portal and select the EXT File Maintenance profile. You will then need to select Manage Provider Information from the left navigation toolbar. 

    I added one of our servicing providers new to L&I to our group ProviderOne domain, is that all i need to do?

    When adding additional servicing providers to the group ProviderOne domain that are new to L&I, the servicing provider application will need to be finished and submitted before it is considered complete. To do this, you can navigate to the application number referenced when they are added to the group domain by clicking into the link. 

    How do I terminate an account or provider from my group?

    Log into your Group Domain. Under your servicing provider list (Step 14), click the start date (hyperlink, 7th column) on the L&I line. Update the end date, click save and submit your modification. 

    Why is L&I issuing multiple accounts for my providers?

    There are two common scenarios that determine when additional provider accounts are created. 

    Scenario 1:  Selecting multiple taxonomies may generate multiple accounts when you are adding individual servicing providers through your group domain (Step 14).  For L&I, only select the primary taxonomy.  In most cases, we don't require multiple taxonomies to bill for services. 

    Scenario 2: Selecting multiple taxonomies in the billing provider details (Step 15) when you create a new servicing provider enrollment or new L&I application modification may generate multiple accounts.  For L&I, only select the primary taxonomy. In most cases, we don't require multiple taxonomies to bill L&I for services. 

    If I add my EFT/Direct Deposit, will it affect my L&I payment?

    Yes, after L&I has approved the change, you will see an alert in ProviderOne. Upon the next billing cycle, your payment will be sent via EFT information provided.

    Does ProviderOne change how we submit bills to L&I?

    No. You will continue to bill L&I and access your remittance advice as you do today. You cannot bill L&I through ProviderOne. 

    I made a change in ProviderOne, why can't I see it?

    To view changes, use the Filter By, select Status. In the next field, enter In% and click Go. Any entries with an "In Review" status will be displayed. (see the modification guides). 

    Where do I find the Business Process Wizard (BPW)?

    You will need to select your profile, then select Ext Provider File Maintenance, choose Manage Provider Information and the BPW will appear. 

    Step 1 is asking me for a UBI, do I have to enter a UBI?

    The UBI is not required. Leave the UBI field blank. 

    How does ProviderOne benefit you?

    It allows you to: 

    • Self manage account and enrollment information. 
    • Eliminate paper enrollments and updates.
    • Eliminate the need for multiple L&I applications for enrollment.

    Why is this change happening?

    In 2017, the Washington State Legislature directed L&I to use a standard system for enrolling providers. We are working with the HCA to transition to ProviderOne.