HSEQ/WA APP (Good Observation, Near Miss and Accident Reporting)

John W. Shervey & Associates, Inc./Schuchart Construction, Mellora


Provide an efficient, easy to use tool allowing prompt reporting of Good Observations, Near-Miss incidents and Accidents using a smart phone APP. Reports completed on the spot can include pictorial representations with “finger-drawing” to accent highlights and immediately emailed to any number of pre-programmed recipients or others at local or distance worksites for training, risk analysis, or process improvements. Reports are use/print ready and copies signed during training can be scanned for paperless documentation.

Amount Awarded: $45,735.00

Project ID: 2016ZC00314

Final Report


Information/data entered into this application will be stored on the local device (smartphone or tablet) in which the information is recorded. This information is not stored on any other device unless shared by the user of the device. Reports generated by the app can be sent to emails chosen by the user.

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