Automated Ergonomic Evaluator: An App for Monitoring Worker Activity Ergonomics and Providing Risk Reduction Recommendations

University of Washington


Capture the postures of the workers in real time through a novel combination of standard cameras, depth cameras, and wearable sensors. Video frames of human activities with varying ergonomic risks will be then extracted from the captured postures, and analyzed using a well-established ergonomic model, known as the rapid entire body assessment model. The model will assign scores to the postures on a frame by frame basis by accounting for the joints motion and angles, load conditions, and activity repetitions. The information will be communicated to the workers and supervisors through an easily accessible free of cost smartphone app and tablet app. Some recommendations will be given to help reduce the ergonomic risks by adopting safer postures or adjusting the sequence or repetitive nature of the tasks.

Amount Awarded: $174,757.00

Project ID: 2018YH00378

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