October 2021 Spot the Hazards Calendar Image

Can You Spot The Hazards?

This month’s calendar photo focuses on hazards found in a stockroom or storeroom. Stocking inventory is not often viewed as a high-risk occupation. Yet, the hazards involved with bending, lifting or handling bulky materials — especially in hard-to-reach places — pose plenty of risks for injury.

This photo has been staged to show a number of safety hazards and dangerous work habits. See how many you can find! The answer key can be found in the back pages of the calendar.

Resources To Help You:

How Can I Get A Calendar?

  • Download the calendar here.

  • Ask your local DOSH Compliance inspector, DOSH Consultant, or L&I Contractor Compliance inspector if they still have any available.

Note: Calendars are not currently available for pick up from your local L&I office due to offices remaining closed to the public in accordance with COVID-19 rules.

How Are You Utilizing These Photos In Your Workplace?

Email us at EyeOnSafety@Lni.wa.gov or follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share how you’re using the photos in your workplace to engage your workers and bring about hazard awareness and injury/illness prevention. Use the hashtag #SpotTheHazards and tag @WorkSafeBC @LniWA on Twitter.

Now would be a perfect time to schedule a free confidential DOSH Consultation to assist you with your annual review/update of your company’s written safety and health programs, and perform a walk-through with you to find and fix hazards in your workplace. For more information, or to request their assistance visit www.Lni.wa.gov/DOSHConsultation.