Find Safety Meeting Ideas

Start your shift with a few minutes of useful conversation about effective ways to prevent hazards at work and protect employees from injuries on the job. These brief documents provide examples you can use during required safety meetings to train workers on various safety and health issues.

A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue. Use these Toolbox Talks to spark discussion and action at the beginning of the shift. Toolbox Talks guide workers and teams through preventing many hazards on the job.

Visit the Construction Center of Excellence (CCE) where you can download the App for Apple and Android smart phones. All Toolbox Talks are available in English and Spanish.

L&I's Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) program funded the creation of these Toolbox Talks and the Construction Center of Excellence (CCE) produced them.

Building Safety

Fire Extinguisher Systems and Maintenance (CCE)

Construction Materials

Concrete Pumping (CCE)
Construction Pollution Prevention (CCE)
Cool Roofing (CCE)
Drywall Installing Safety (CCE)

Construction Equipment

Crane Safety (CCE)
Mobile Equipment (CCE)

Construction Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (CCE)


Electrical Ground Safety (CCE)


Solutions for Sprains & Strains - Simple Solutions

Fall Prevention

Aerial Lift Safety (CCE)
Extension Ladder Safety (CCE)
Falling Objects (CCE)
Harness Inspection (CCE)
How Long Does it Take to Fall? (CCE)
Self-Retracting Lifeline/Lanyard (SRL) Usage (CCE)

General Health

Asbestos Awareness
Carbon Monoxide - The Silent Killer (CCE)
Sharps and Needle Stick (CCE)

General Safety

Common Safety Mistakes (CCE)
Safe Work Habits (CCE)

Mental Health

Suicide and Mental Health (CCE)
Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Resources (CCE)

Night Work

Pedestrians and Night Work (CCE)

Portable Generators

Carbon Monoxide - The Silent Killer (CCE)
Portable Generator - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (CCE)
Portable Generator - Fire Prevention (CCE)
Portable Generator - Shock and Electrocution (CCE)

Tool use

Abrasive Tools/Grinders (CCE)
Air Tools (CCE)
Chainsaws for Construction (CCE)
Circular Saws (CCE)
Electric Powertools and Cords (CCE)
Hand Tools (CCE)

Vehicle and Road Safety

Avoiding Falls From Vehicles (CCE)
Backing up Trucks and Equipment Safely (CCE)
Bucket Trucks (CCE)
Diesel Exhaust (CCE)
Driver Safe Work Zone (CCE)


Cold Weather Clothing (CCE)
Heat Exhaustion (CCE)
Heat Stress (CCE)

Workplace Environment

Building a Safety Culture (CCE)
Respectful Workplace (CCE)
Sexual Harassment (CCE)