Safety Standards for Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills and Converters (Chapter 296-79, WAC)

Chapter 296-79, WAC

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Last Updated: 9/1/17

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WAC Description
296-79-010 Scope and application.
296-79-011 Definitions.
296-79-020 General requirements.
296-79-030 Guards and guarding.
296-79-040 Fire protection, ignition sources and means of egress.
296-79-050 Personal protection clothing and equipment.
296-79-070 Illumination.
296-79-080 Elevators, manlifts and other lifting devices.
296-79-090 Electrical equipment and distribution.
296-79-100 Floors, platforms, stairways, ladders, loading docks.
296-79-110 Elevated runways and ramps used by vehicles.
296-79-120 Scaffolds, construction, use and maintenance.
296-79-130 Crossovers, aisles, passages.
296-79-140 Installation, inspection, and maintenance of pipes, piping systems, and hoses.
296-79-150 Powered industrial trucks and other equipment.
296-79-160 Requirements for cranes and hoists—See general safety and health standards (chapter 296-24 WAC, Part D).
296-79-170 Requirements for crawler and truck cranes.
296-79-180 Privately owned standard gauge railroad operations.
296-79-190 Loading and unloading materials from railway cars or trucks.
296-79-200 Bridge and dock plates.
296-79-210 For conveyors, maintenance and inspection.
296-79-220 Deactivating and lockout requirements.
296-79-230 Confined spaces.
296-79-240 Storage of fuel, oil, flammables and chemicals.
296-79-250 Safety procedure for handling sulfur.
296-79-260 Pulpwood storage and handling.
296-79-270 Pulpwood preparation.
296-79-27003 Log hauls, slips, and carriages.
296-79-27005 Band saws.
296-79-27007 Circular saws speeds and repairs.
296-79-27009 Slasher saws-tables.
296-79-27011 Circular swing saws.
296-79-27013 Drag saws—Fixed chain saws—Circular cut-off saws.
296-79-27015 Construction and use of pulpwood splitters.
296-79-280 Chip and hog fuel storage.
296-79-290 Stock preparation and reprocessing.
296-79-29001 Digester valves and piping.
296-79-29003 Warning of digester being blown.
296-79-29005 Unplugging quick lime stoppages.
296-79-29007 Bleach plant.
296-79-29009 Audible alarm in bleach plant.
296-79-29011 Pocket grinder doors.
296-79-29013 Pulping device procedures.
296-79-29015 Off machine repulping devices.
296-79-29017 Pulping device cleaning, inspection and repairing.
296-79-29021 Shredders and blowers.
296-79-29023 Clearing shredder jams.
296-79-29027 Guillotine type roll splitters.
296-79-29029 Broke hole.
296-79-29031 Industrial kiln guns and ammunition.
296-79-29033 Chlorine dioxide system.
296-79-29035 Piling and unpiling pulp.
296-79-29037 Chocking rolls.
296-79-300 Machine room equipment and procedures.
296-79-310 Converting operations (bag and container manufacturing, printing, coating, finishing and related processes).
296-79-31001 General requirements for converting operations (bag and container manufacturing, printing, coating, finishing and related processes).
296-79-31003 Corrugator.
296-79-31009 Die cutting.
296-79-320 Sulfite recovery furnace area requirements.


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